Why are my leaves turning yellow ?

Why are my leaves turning yellow ?

There are just too many factors involved when you're growing vegetables that you just can't tell which one has gone wrong.

And that’s why we are here! A common problem among beginners and even experienced gardeners alike is the sudden, inexplicable yellowness of the leaves. While it may not sound like much, this can be extremely devastating for a plant. In order to fix this issue, you must understand what causes the problem and how to prevent it. We will go through each step of the process so you know exactly what to do next.

Yellowing leaves may be caused by any number of factors, including drought, insects, disease, nutrient deficiencies, water logging, or

Reason 1 – Over watering

Yes, there certainly is something like too much affection. Too much watering is one of the most common causes of leaf yellowing because sometimes it is difficult to tell when to quit. To test for this, poke around a little and see how damp the soil is. If it is wet and soggy, then you know that the drainage isn't working properly and that the roots aren't getting enough air. You can add some dirt or plant again if the problem is too large.

leaves turning yellow

Reason 2 – Under-watering

This is a very common cause of yellowing leaves. When people water their gardens they often forget to check on them regularly. If your garden is not getting enough water then it may lead to dead leaves. You should water your garden every day so it gets the right amount of moisture. Don’t wait until it starts raining either. Check on your plants frequently and see if any of them are starting to wilt. If you notice this happening, call your local gardening store and ask them what needs to be done. They will give you tips on how to treat the problem and help you keep your garden healthy.

Reason 3 – Lack of sunlight

Plants need light to grow properly. If they don't receive sufficient light, they won't grow well. The best way to ensure that your plants get enough light is to place them near windows. However, if you live in a city, you may be limited to using artificial lighting.

leaves turning yellow

Reason 4 – Pests

The bane of gardeners around the world is pests because they can completely ruin healthy plants in a matter of days. So keep a look out for any creepies. They tend to hide on the underside of leaves or the base of the stem. Dispel them from your garden with natural pesticides.

leaves turning yellow

Reason 5 – Plant nutrition

Plant health depends on the soil that it is grown on. If the soil does not contain enough of the correct amount of minerals, then the plant may not get what it needs to grow properly. When plants begin to show signs of yellowing, they are often suffering from malnutrition. Adding some compost to the soil can help to remedy this situation. Learn more about how to care for your garden.

Don't worry. Yellowing of the leaves isn't the last thing you see in your garden. You still have the ability to restore your beautiful, colorful garden. All you need to know is the right things.

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Dr. Vandana K.