Get rid of Mealy Bugs

Get rid of Mealy Bugs

I am sure you have had problems in your garden because of these pests. Mealy bugs are one of the most common pests in everybody’s garden. Here are a few ways to get rid of them. But first let’s try and understand what these pests are.

Mealy bugs are plant-sucking pests which are wingless and soft-bodied. They feed by sucking on the plant sap. They often appear as a white cottony mass. They are commonly found on leaves, stems, fruits and flowers. The portion of the plant with soft tissue is more susceptible to attack. They are generally found in warmer climates.

Some of the plants which are commonly affected are Hibiscus, Rose, Guava, Custard apple, Chikoo, Crotons, Philodendron, Money plant. They attack many other plants too. Generally plants with high nitrogen levels and soft growth are more susceptible to mealy bug attacks.

At low pest levels, damage is not often significant. However, at higher numbers they can cause leaf yellowing and curling as the plant weakens and it can cause plant death. Mealy bugs are usually associated with ants. The ants feed on the honeydew which is produced during feeding of the plant sap. This sticky sap also promotes growth of sooty moulds.

Here are 5 steps to get rid of mealy bugs based on the level of infestation:

  • Keep an eye out on your plants regularly. This will help you nip it in the bud and you can save your plants as well. When you see a few mealy bugs get rid of them immediately by spraying a jet of water. This will help you solve the issue early on without any complications.
  • Suppose you were not able to remove them at this stage, you can soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe the affected parts. This will kill the mealy bugs and prevent it from coming back for a while.
  • Neem oil is a good way to get rid of mealy bugs. Mix 5ml of Neem oil in 1 Litre of water and 1/2 teaspoon of soap. Mix this solution well and spray the affected plants with this. Repeat it on alternate days till the mealy bugs go away.
  • Prepare your own 3G solution, which is Garlic, Ginger and Green chilli spray. Remove the outer skin of 18gm of garlic and grind the garlic with 9gm of green chilli and 9gm of ginger into a paste. Dissolve this in 1 litre of water. Stir the mixture well and filter before spraying. The extract should be used immediately after preparation and can be stored for up to 3 days. The extract can be used as a spray and the concentration can be increased or decreased depending on the intensity of pest attack.
  • Introduction of natural predators of Mealy bugs like ladybirds can help prevent mealy bugs.

If none of these methods work and your plant dies, then get rid of the plant away from your garden. Change the soil in the container.

Avoid over watering of your plants. Make sure you give enough care and attention to your plants. Wipe the leaves of your indoor plants regularly. Make sure your indoor plants are not overwatered and keep an eye out regularly. Keeping mealy bugs away and getting rid of them at initial stages is your best bet of keeping your garden mealy bug free.

Healthy plants are less susceptible to infestation. Also growing native plants will help as these plants are adapted to the environment and face less stress compared to exotic species. Weak plants and stressed plants are more susceptible to pest attacks.

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