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Looking for someone to help set up and maintain your garden? The Urban Mali Network is created to spread gardens in every neighborhood. Be it a patio, terrace or balcony, every space can be adorned with plants. We use only native species that are easy to grow and maintain, while creating habitats for a wide range of biodiversity. Our service is professional, affordable, quick in execution and very gentle on the earth! We are based in Bangalore. Call us at 8880482000 for a site visit!


We set up many gardens, but each garden is designed for your well-being. 


Our gardens are easy on the purse. Our plants are hardy and easy to grow and manage. 


However large or little your space maybe, we maximize productivity of vegetable and fruit harvest with effective management of space.


Many of the plants we use have medicinal properties to rid you off common everyday ailments like cough, cold, headache etc. 


We use only native plants that are indigenous to India. These plants are naturally acclimatised and provide food and shelter to a whole host of insects and other fauna.


Allow your little ones to learn, explore and connect with their gardens. 


Absolutely no use of chemicals! We follow natural farming techniques for regular nourishment and pest control

"I have been looking for a professional service with someone who can help me set up and guide me on how to take care of my garden. It was lovely to meet the team. As soon as I gave the go ahead, within a day everything was organised for the garden to be set up. They looked at what the garden can hold, what I wanted and what vegetables we consumed on a daily basis. I think this was brilliant, I always wanted this level of professional help and UrbanMali provided just that!".

Dr Meenakshi Bharath - Gynaecologist

Colourful & bright flowering garden

Your garden can have flowers that bloom seasonally, with a different look every season. The flowering gardens are carefully designed according to a plant palette to match with colours around. Many plants we use have strong roots in culture and tradition and flowers used for decoration. 

Fresh, organic vegetable gardens

You can have your own vegetable garden patch with all the vegetables and herbs that you use on a daily basis. No need to visit the local market on a regular basis as we can help you set-up and plan your garden in a manner that provides you enough to be harvested completely from the garden. 

A green pharmacy with herbal plants

Rid yourself of expensive doctor visits by 20 - 40%. Harvest medicinal herbs from your garden and create simple concoctions from the recipe book that we provide after the garden is completed.

How UrbanMali works?  

1. Call us and let us know the details of your space and your preferences  

2. An Urban Mali will visit to analyse the space, take pictures and let you know what is possible  

3. We will get back to you with a budget, plans and an estimate of how long the project will take with our guidance  

4. The Mali comes to your place, sets up the garden and gives you tips to take care of your garden  

5. In the following months, he will follow up on maintenance and regular visits if you wish to opt for this service, too.

Our Chief Urban Mali

Meet Sudhakar, our chief Urban Mali. He is originally from Nelvagale village in Hoskote grama. Just like many rural folks he moved to the city for better job prospects. His rural upbringing gives him an extensive knowledge base on traditional plants and gardening. He has gained experience working with urban gardens, clients and the design team over the last few years

Garden maintainence  

We understand how much energy it takes to maintain your garden. Tasks like pruning, manuring, weeding and general upkeep can be challenging if you don’t have a regular gardener helping you. Time is one of the biggest factors that we fail to take a proper care of our green spaces, and without proper care your beautiful garden might turn into a wild corner.  

We offer regular monthly maintenance services for your garden needs. 

Give us a call and we will be able to fix up a time and date for our gardener to come over.  

Call 8880482000 or email

Promoters of the UrbanMali Network


The birth of the Urban Mali Initiative is the brainchild of Radha Eswar. Over the last few years she has been tirelessly working towards healing lands and minds through different services offered by ArtyPlantz, an organisation with a mission of connecting people and plants. Architect turned social entrepreneur deeply interested in the re-establishment of green cover on the planet. Her achievements in this field are numerous and in no small measure. She believes that many of the ills of society can be solved by planting native and naturalised plants of each region, all the while bringing to people entertaining, informative values of these plants. She was a director on board of BCIL, a sustainable builder organization in Bangalore. She studied Architecture at The School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai followed by a Masters in Building Sciences from IIT. She loves music, art, books, theater and has the curiosity and aliveness of a child. But, most of all, she is a woman with a mission and in her quiet, dignified, mothering way will rope anyone she find in to it.


The drive and vigour to make the Urban Mali Initiative achieve so much ground is owed to the foresight of Krish Murali Eswar. He is passionate about taking a great idea and making it into a reality, especially an idea that has a social impact and benefits the community and environment. Krish Murali Eswar’s passion in life is to set a personal example, facilitate, inspire and lead young minds to innovate ideas towards creating a prosperous society. He is a TEDx speaker on sustainable habitats and was a French government environment agency consultant on energy efficiency. He led a team to innovate and design India’s first energy information center. He is a Harvard business school executive education graduate on product development and innovation. He was the CEO & Board member of BCIL ZED Habitats, a leader in sustainable construction. He is a contributing author to urban energy source book of UN Environment Program. He is an Advisory committee member to GRIHA India green building certification standard. He has been practicing Kundalini Yoga over the last 30 years and wishes to help people heal themselves and realise their purpose in life. A mentor to all of ArtyPlantz’s initiatives, he keeps us on track to success.


Vandana has been passionate about trees and plants ever since she was given the extra nudge and encouraged to identify plants by her college professor. She went on to do a Masters in Ecology and a PhD in Botany. Once she was finally done with all the studying and researching, she, like many other scholars was troubled with the question of what to do with all the exhaustive knowledge that she had gathered over the years. She was sure that she wanted to make a difference in the lives and homes of people. Fortunately, she was reunited with Radha, and as luck may have it, one thing led to the other and she helped Radha set-up and run ArtyPlantz. Vandana decided to use her research skills in the real world. Vandana's passion is to spread plants to every little garden space that is available in the city. She believes that every citizen in the city should be conscious about the need to preserve native plants and biodiversity and convert the city into a "living herbarium".

Why Native Plants? 

As the city expands into a concrete jungle, large tracts of land are being cleared away to accommodate the growing population. Trees that provided us with shade, provided shelter to the birds and other smaller mammals and served as food to thousands of other smaller organisms are lost. As a result of these heat islands formed within the landscape of the cities.  

The plant species native to the landscape have co-evolved with the birds, butterfly, insects and other organisms for millions of years. In the absence of these native species, every one of these organisms is shaken to its hilt. While a handful of them are able to adapt to the exotic trees in the surviving green patches in the city and survive on them, most of the native fauna are left with no other option but to flee or perish.  

Growing native plant species has a number of advantages: Since these plants are accustomed to the local soil and weather conditions they are well adapted to grow here with minimal input. They require much lesser water to grow and would undoubtedly attract their animal friends in a short while of being planted here. We really hope that very soon each garden in every inch of garden space all across the city can be covered with native plants. Let the city become a forest on its own terms!  

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