Overwatering Peace lilies

Overwatering Peace lilies

Peace lilies are beautiful plants that are native to the tropical forests of America and Southeast Asia. The flower is surrounded by a showy attractive spathe. The peace lily plant can have white, yellowish or green flowers. The flowers are considered as a symbol of peace, hence the name peace lily. The pure white flowers against the green leaves are a sight to behold. They are common houseplants.

Peace lilies are hardy perennial tropical plants which require low to bright indirect light and not direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight will burn and scorch the leaves which will result in drying of the leaves. It is an excellent indoor plant with very little requirements. 

The main problem with Peace lily is overwatering.

The signs of overwatering your peace lily is very clear so you can always know when to correct it. The common indicator is that the leaves start wilting. Drooping of leaves is the most common way to identify the sign of stress on the plant. The tips of the leaves start becoming brown. The whole leaf eventually becomes brown and wilts and dies.

The plant will have stunted growth and and start having yellow leaves or yellow spots. The stunted growth can also be accompanied with weak-looking flowers. The soil will have excess water when you touch it. Root rot starts setting in. The leaves can also have small brown spots which will eventually become completely brown leaves. 

Overwatering causes root rot and fungal pathogens will attack the plant which will result in death of the plant.

How to revive your peace lily 

Your overwatered peace lily plant can be revived. Once you get the hang of it, they can thrive with minimal care. First and foremost make sure that the container has proper drainage holes if your peace lily is in a potted plant. Check your watering routine and make sure you check the water requirement of the plant.

Make sure the container has dry soil and not wet soil. Use a fresh potting soil or a fresh soil mix which you can easily make. Soggy soil and waterlogged soil will cause mushy roots. If the container is too small, you can repot the peace lily plant into a larger container, preferably a terracotta pot with proper drainage holes. 

Keep the peace lily plant in indirect sunlight if it has been in a shaded spot for an extended period of time. The brown leaf tips might be due to low humidity levels. Try and increase the humidity levels if possible. You can also mist the leaves with water. They prefer humidity levels similar to those under a forest canopy. The peace lily pot can be placed on a pebble tray with wet pebbles. 

Take a note of these points and I am sure you will have a happy plant.


Plant care for Peace lily 

The white blooms of the peace lily make it a popular houseplant. With the proper care they can be beautiful houseplants in a simple container. 

The light conditions preferred by the peace lily plant are indirect sunlight. The soil should have adequate moisture. The most important factor is that the containers have adequate drainage holes so that even if there is excess water, it drains out well. Moist soil means you do not have to water your plant. So check the soil before every watering. 

The right care for your Peace lily will result in glossy leaves and a healthy plant. 


FAQ on Overwatering Peace lily

- How long should I water my peace lilies?

Since they are mainly indoor plants, you can water them once in 3 days or when the soil is starting to dry out.

- What happens if I overwater them?

Overwatering causes the roots to rot and the plant will die.

- When should I cut back on watering?

When the soil is still moist, do not water your plant. Also you will have to reduce watering during rainy season and winter season.

- What should be done with dead plants?

The dead plants will have to be disposed. The soil has to be changed if it has died due to overwatering since the soil might still have fungal pathogens. 

- Should I repot my peace lilies every year?

Repotting should be done when the container is too small for the plant or when the plant has overgrown the pot. Generally repotting once a year ensures the roots are healthy.

- Will they die if I don't water them?

If the plant is not watered, they will die. But it is tolerant to underwatering as compared to overwatering.

- What's the best way to water them?

Ensure that the soil is moist. If the inside of the soil is still moist, but if you feel the surface is drying, you can lightly mist the surface and leaves.


Get Help From An Expert

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