Virtual Garden Consultation
Virtual Garden Consultation

Virtual Garden Consultation

Want to start a garden or revamp your existing garden? Need a little advice and direction on how to design and plan your space?
We can help!

Rs. 2,000.00
Rs. 1,500.00

Get the support you need to have an amazing garden!

A garden has so many possibilities - a culinary herb garden, a medicinal plant pharmacy, a vegetable garden, or simply a floral garden to de-stress a - plants can enhance not just your space but your life at home in many ways.​ With the UrbanMali online consultation, we can guide you step-by-step on designing, revamping, and planning your garden - be it a balcony, terrace or backyard. Our experts will understand your space and needs and customize a garden setup and design that's all about your needs. ​A custom design, material list, and what's more the option of getting all the material (plants, pots, soil, tools) you need from the UrbanMali Nursery can help you get started with re-energizing your garden space as you have always wanted.

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What a typical garden consult includes:

- A 30-minute video chat with senior gardeners, touring your space, to understand your needs, provide tips and recommendations to manage your space considering your requirements
- A custom garden plan and design for your space will include- plant list, materials and quantities you will need to get started to achieve your vision.
- Tips and basic how-to instruction list for your specific garden type and needs.
- Email / Whatsapp support for one month on any queries on your gardening journey.