Monsoon Gardening: Vital Tips for a Healthy Garden in Rainy Season

Monsoon Gardening: Vital Tips for a Healthy Garden in Rainy Season

Rainy season gardening: Useful tips for taking care of your plants during the rainy season

Rain brings in moisture, which attracts fun­gal and insect attacks.

Monsoons are the perfect time to plant your garden. They provide the soil with moisture and warmth, allowing your plants to grow. Indoor plants can absorb the humidity and sunlight that they receive during the hot summer months.

1. Overwatering of the plants 

Overwatering also causes the soil to become compacted, which prevents air circulation and leads to root rot. If you notice any signs of disease, such as yellowing leaves, wilting leaves, or brown spots on the leaves, then you need to get rid of the affected plant immediately. However, when it comes to watering, there are certain things to consider. You should avoid overwatering your plants because it will cause them to rot.

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2. Location of the plants

Plants need to breathe air and get sunlight, so if you keep them in an environment that doesn't allow them to do this, they will eventually die.

3. Check the plants for diseases

Mealybugs, patches on leaves caused by the rose black spot fungus and decay caused by the Rice Blast fungus are just some of the symptoms that indicate your plant is infected.

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4. Ensure proper ventilation

Ventilation is important because it helps keep your house cool during summer months. It also keeps your house warm during winter months. Plants need oxygen to survive, and they get it from the air. Carbon dioxide is released when plants breathe out oxygen.

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5. Prune your plants during the dry season

Pruning reduces disease concerns, enhances aesthetics and boosts agricultural yields, forms new plants, rejuvenates old plants, and prevents insect infestation while also eliminating the potential for property damage.

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