How to Grow Carrots at Home?

How to Grow Carrots at Home?

Growing carrots from seed are quite simple. All you need is a pot, some soil, and carrot seed. The rest is up to you.

Carrot plants require very little care. They don’t need much sunlight and they prefer cool temperatures. They thrive in cooler weather.

Step by Step on how to grow carrots at home

1. Plant your carrots in Spring (February - March) or in Fall (October - November)

The ideal season to plant carrot seeds is in early spring. Ensure that the last frost date is passed or about to pass through.

In India, being a tropical country, you can plant carrot seeds in the fall - in October/November months.

2. Carrot Plants need direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is ideal for carrot plants. It can grow in partial shade but they prefer bright direct sunlight.

3. Plant Carrots in Soft, Permeable Loose Soil

Carrots prefer loose, well-drained, healthy soil. Do not plant carrot seed in heavy soil such as clay soil. Their roots need to expand downward through the soil. Rocky soil will also make them difficult to grow. In such rocky soils, carrots will deform. 

Plant radish seeds as companion plants for carrots. They will loosen up the soil and allow carrots to grow easily. You can grow them in garden beds or you can grow carrots in pots.

Acidic soil is not good for carrots. Ensure that the pH level of the soil is between 0.6 and 0.8.

You can buy potting soil and compost from our online nursery.

4. Plant seeds 2 inches away from each other

Carrot plants need at least two inches of space between each other. If the seedlings grow close to each other, then them out. Replant in another container or space with adequate space between each other.

You can buy the seed packet from our online nursery.

5. Use a container that is 18 inches deep

Carrots can grow up to 12 inches deep. Make sure you plant them in containers that are deep enough for them to penetrate the soil. Remember that carrots are root vegetables.

6. Water carrots regularly

Carrots plants need one to two inches of water per week. Use mulching to keep the soil temperature down by reducing evaporation loss. Carrots can survive mild over-watering. However, do not over-water regularly. Make sure the soil surface is moist. 

7. Protect carrots from pests and diseases

Carrot rust flies, carrot weevils, and leafhoppers are common pests that attack carrots. Rust fly larvae destroy carrots. They burrow into the soil and feed on the carrot roots. Grow chives and garlic as companion plants to repel pests. Pest attacked carrots will have discolored carrot tops and thin, hairy roots. They are also prone to bacterial diseases and leaf blight.

8. Harvest carrots and enjoy fresh carrots

Garden-grown Carrots can take from 50 to 75 days to mature. Avoid harvesting carrots early. The fruits will be tasteless. Pluck one carrot and taste it before harvesting the carrot crops. Loosen the soil and twist the plant to lift them out of the soil. Mature carrots taste delicious. There are different coloured carrot varieties. From shades of purple to red, orange, and yellow as well.

FAQ on how to grow carrots at home

Are carrots easy to grow?

Yes. Carrots are easy to grow at home.

How long do carrots take to grow in weeks?

12 to 15 weeks.

What is the best month to plant carrots?

Plant Carrots in October and November in India or in February and March. Carrots are biennial vegetables.

Do carrots need a lot of sun?

Yes. Carrot plants need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight to grow healthily.

Do we need manure to grow carrots?

Avoid using manure for growing root vegetables such as carrots as they contain chemicals. If the soil is healthy ground soil and not poor soil or sandy soil or shallow soil or clay soil then you do not require manure. If you must add manure, ensure that you add organic manure sourced from our online nursery. Always ensure plenty of water so that carrots have moist soil. The top layer of soil must not become dry. Use row covers or mulching to keep them moist.

How to grow carrots at home without seeds?

You can grow carrots from carrot tops or carrot seedlings.

How to grow carrots from carrot tops?

Keep the carrot tops on wet paper. Keep the paper wet at all times. Carrots will sprout in a few days. Plant them in soil or a container.

How do you take care of carrot seedlings?

Water them regularly. Avoid drying of the soil. Protect them against pests. Ensure plenty of direct sunlight.

How much water do carrots need?

2 to 3 inches of water per week. Do not let them dry for a couple of weeks. Baby carrots need water to grow.

Can you start carrots in seed trays?

Yes. You can grow carrot plants in seed trays. Once they start sprouting, replant them into pots or ground.

When should I transplant carrot seedlings?

Homegrown Carrot plants need 2 inches of space between them to grow. Once the carrot seedling begins to grow, if the space is not adequate, then replant them in a large container.

What types of carrots are best to grow at home?

There are 13 carrot varieties to grow at home.

  1. Deep Purple Carrots Hybrid
  2. Imperator 58
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Little Fingers
  5. Lunar White
  6. Parisian Heirloom
  7. Purple Dragon
  8. Red
  9. Short ‘n Sweet
  10. Solar Yellow
  11. Tendersweet
  12. Thumbelina
  13. Touchon

How to store fresh carrots?

To store freshly harvested carrots, twist or cut them off at the top, scrub them clean, and then place them in an airtight bag. Store them in the fridge. If you want to store them longer than a day or two, you can put them in a container with damp sand or dry sawdust.

Do carrots regrow after harvest?

No. Carrots don't regrow after harvest.

Can carrots be naturally spicy?

Carrots are sweet. They cannot be spicy.

Is carrot a flowering plant?

No. Carrot plants don't flower. They are root vegetable plants.

Are carrots sweeter in winter?

Carrots adapt well to cool climates. The adaptation keeps them from dying and makes them sweeter.

Why does my carrot have tiny leaves?

Carrot plants are biennial vegetables. When they reach maturity, their roots stop producing and new growth starts from the stem. This is called bolting. Bolting occurs because the plant has reached its optimum size. It stops producing more leaves.

How to get a continuous harvest of carrots?

For a continuous harvest of beautiful carrots fresh at home, make carrot plantings every 3 to 4 weeks.

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