Dog Friendly Garden

Dog Friendly Garden

Do you love dogs? Then you should definitely consider planting a dog friendly garden. It will make your space look great, and it will help your pet live longer.

Dogs are man's best friend. They provide companionship, protection, and unconditional love. But did you know that dogs also benefit from having access to fresh fruits and vegetables?

I've compiled a list of dog friendly gardening ideas that will help you create a beautiful garden while providing your dog with healthy treats.

Before I tell you about the plants that dogs love, remember that dogs love to dig.

How to stop your dog from digging the plants in your garden?

If you've got a dog, chances are he's going to dig up your plants. It's just part of his nature. But if you don't want him to destroy your beautiful flowers and vegetables, there are ways to keep him out of your garden without resorting to harsh chemicals. Here are some tips to keep your dog away from your garden.

Keep him away from the garden

First off, you should probably keep your dog away from the garden. If he's constantly digging up your plants, he's going to destroy them eventually.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't let him into the yard, though. Just don't let him dig up your plants.

Make sure you fence off the area where you're growing your veggies, and don't let him inside the fence. This will prevent him from accidentally eating any of your crops.

Try to train your dog early

Training your dog to avoid stepping in your garden is important, but it's also important to train him early.

The earlier you begin training your dog to avoid stepping over your garden, the easier it will be to maintain his behavior once he gets older.

Start training your dog when he's young, and continue until he understands the concept.

Give him treats

Giving your dog treats after he avoids stepping on your garden is another way to reward him for avoiding the area.

Just remember to give him small treats, rather than large ones. Large treats can cause your dog to become aggressive.

Don't use food as punishment

Food rewards aren't always effective, especially when used as punishment.

When your dog digs up your garden, don't punish him by giving him food. Instead, simply remove the food.

He'll learn that digging up the garden means he loses access to his favorite treat.

Reward him instead

Instead of punishing your dog for digging up your garden, reward him for avoiding the problem.

For example, you could offer him a toy or a game of fetch. Or you could take him outside for a walk.

These kinds of rewards will encourage your dog to avoid digging up your garden.

Remember to praise him

Praising your dog for avoiding the problem is just as important as rewarding him for doing the right thing.

Your dog needs to know that he did something good, and praising him will reinforce this behavior.

So, next time your dog digs up your vegetable garden, make sure you praise him for avoiding the problem instead of punishing him.

That way, you'll both enjoy the benefits of a healthy garden.

How to Grow a Dog-Friendly Garden?

A dog-friendly garden is one where you can enjoy spending time with your furry friend without worrying about any harmful effects on him.

There are several things you should consider when growing a dog-friendly garden.

Here are some tips to help you grow a dog-friendly vegetable garden.

1. Choose Plants That Are Safe For Dogs

Before planting anything in your yard, you should first find out whether your plants are safe for dogs.

Dogs are very sensitive to certain plants. Some plants contain chemicals that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, and even death.

Some plants may even cause allergic reactions in dogs.

To avoid these problems, choose plants that are safe for dogs. Here are some examples:

List of Dog-friendly Plants

  1. Areca palm

  2. Boston fern

  3. Spider plant

  4. Peperomia

  5. Cast iron plant

  6. African violet

  7. Ferns

  8. Rhapis palm

  9. Fittonia

  10. Match stick bromeliad

  11. Buddleja

  12. Marigold

  13. Jasmine

  14. Hibiscus

  15. Rose

  16. Hedhychium

  17. Canna

  18. Plumbago

  19. Alpinia

  20. Snap ginger

  21. Corainder

  22. Oregano

  23. Peppermint

  24. Cinnamon

  25. Turmeric

  26. Basil

  27. Sage

  28. Lemon balm

  29. Thyme

  30. Rosemary

2. Consider Growing Vegetables That Can Be Eaten Raw

Raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones. They are easier for your dog to digest.

However, raw vegetables can be dangerous for dogs.

They can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and even death. To prevent this problem, you need to cook them before feeding them to your dog.

So, you need to know what kind of vegetable you're going to feed your dog.

List of Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables that are bad for your dog

  1. Grapes and raisins

  2. Avocados

  3. Pips, seeds and stones

  4. Mushrooms

  5. Nuts

  6. Unripe tomatoes

  7. Onions and garlic

  8. Nutmeg

  9. Potatoes

3. Provide Enough Space for His Exercise Area

It's important to provide enough space for your dog to exercise.

Otherwise, he will be bored and restless.

Make sure there is enough room for him to run around freely.

4. Make Sure He Has Access to Fresh Air

Fresh air is essential for your dog's health.

Without fresh air, your dog will feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Make sure he has access to fresh air at least three times per day.

5. Keep Your Dog Away From Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants include poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

These plants can cause painful rashes and blisters on your dog's paws.

Keep your dog away from poisonous plants.

List of poisonous plants for dogs

  1. Sago Palm

  2. Tomato Plant

  3. Aloe Vera

  4. Ivy

  5. Amaryllis

  6. Gladiola

  7. American Holly

  8. Daffodil

  9. Baby’s Breath

  10. Milkweed

  11. Castor Bean

  12. Azalea/Rhododendron

  13. Tulip

  14. Chrysanthemum

  15. Begonia

  16. Oleander

In conclusion, if you have a garden, you should definitely consider planting flowers and vegetables that dogs like. Not only will your pets enjoy the fresh produce, but you'll also benefit from their company when you're working outside. Plus, you'll feel better knowing that your furry friends are enjoying themselves too!

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