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UrbanMali offers reliable and sustainable gardening services in Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore. Our team of creative landscape architects provides unique and personalized solutions to make your outdoors look great. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


UrbanMali: Leading Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore gardening service with top Landscape Architect expertise. Our experienced team creates sustainable, cost-effective garden designs using native plants and organic techniques. Empowering migrant farmers, we deliver high-quality results. Trust us to transform your backyard. Contact UrbanMali for top-tier landscaping!


  • Native Plants: Natural Beauty
  • Organic Gardening: Chemical-Free Growth
  • Empowerment: Supporting Farmers
  • No.1 Gardener: Bangalore's Best
  • Times She Unltd Award: Recognized Excellence


Let us bring your outdoor dreams to life with our Landscape Architect services. Collaborate closely with us to design a plan that reflects your style. Our creative, reliable, and sustainable approach ensures an outdoor space you'll love for years.


Choose UrbanMali for your landscape architect needs. Specializing in native plants and organic gardening, we empower migrant farmers to become skilled gardeners. As Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Service and a Times She Unltd Award winner, trust our core values of creativity, reliability, and sustainability for any project, big or small. Let's make your outdoor space beautiful together!

Landscape Architect


Q. What services do UrbanMali's landscape architects provide?

A. Our landscape architects provide a wide range of services, including design, installation, maintenance, and restoration of gardens and outdoor spaces.

Q. What kind of plants do your landscape architects use?

A. Our landscape architects specialize in native plants and organic gardening.

Q. How do you ensure quality services and results?

A. We have a team of experienced and professional landscape architects who use the latest techniques and technologies. We also ensure quality by using organic materials and sustainably sourced products.

Q. What makes UrbanMali's landscape architects different from others?

A. We empower migrant farmers from villages to become professional gardeners. We also have won the Times She Unltd Award for our services.

Q. What core values do you follow?

A. Our core values are creative, reliable, and sustainable. We strive to create beautiful and practical outdoor spaces that are sustainable and reliable.

Get Reliable Landscape Architect Services from UrbanMali - Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore

Searching for a reliable landscape architect near Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore? Choose UrbanMali. Our skilled gardeners specialize in creating enduring, vibrant landscapes. We empower migrant farmers to become successful professionals. From design to installation and maintenance, our comprehensive landscaping services have your needs covered. With our expertise and commitment to perfection, trust us to achieve the ideal look for your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Is Hiring a Landscape Architect Important?

Crafting the ideal outdoor space requires expertise. UrbanMali's experienced landscape architects specialize in designing, constructing, and maintaining gardens. We prioritize attractive, functional, and environmentally friendly landscapes, tailoring creative solutions within your budget. Trust our professionals for accurate and detailed execution of your garden project.

How Can a Landscape Architect Enhance Your Garden?

Creating a beautiful garden is easier with a landscape architect. These experts excel in plant selection and design principles, tailoring an ideal outdoor space for your home or business. With years of experience, they ensure a garden that reflects your style, fits your budget and includes low-maintenance native plants for added beauty. From designing a balcony garden to selecting furniture and lighting, a landscape architect ensures efficient and correct project completion. Enlist their help to transform your garden into something special.

Bringing Nature to Your Doorstep with UrbanMali's Professional Landscape Architect

Elevate your outdoor space effortlessly with UrbanMali's organic gardening services. Our experienced team specializes in crafting stunning, environmentally friendly landscapes using natural materials and eco-friendly techniques. Whether you seek a lush garden or a touch of greenery, we customize landscapes with your preferences in mind, ensuring the perfect outdoor space.


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