The Flower Zinnia Growing Tips

The Flower Zinnia Growing Tips

Zinnia is one of the most elegant flowers. They grow well with low maintenance. They are available in several colors. In addition, Zinnia flowers remain fresh for a long time.



Grow zinnias in full sun to get more blooms. Zinnias prefer 5-6 hours of sunlight. Also, make sure to grow zinnias in a fertile loamy soil.

Sow the seeds outdoors

The best way to start zinnias is to sow the seeds directly in the beds outdoors. That's because Zinnias are susceptible to transplanting shock. You can start the seed indoors if you live in cold weather conditions. But be careful not to damage the roots while transplanting.

Zinnia seeds


The tall varieties are not suitable for container gardening. If you want to grow zinnias in containers, then choose any dwarf varieties that have limited growth and spread.


Zinnias are drought tolerant. So they can stand dry conditions for some time.


Fertilizing your zinnias helps them produce bigger blooms. To fertilize, apply well-balanced fertilizers. Only an occasional supply of fertilizers is enough.


Zinnias are excellent as cut flowers. Therefore pick the flowers as they bloom. This encourages more blooming. Remove the dead and spent flowers immediately.

Also, pinch off the tip when the seedlings are 15-18 inches tall.

Pests and diseases

Pests and diseases rarely infest zinnia plants. However, powdery mildew may be seen sometimes. If it does, remove the affected parts and then apply a fungicide.


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