Uses of Neem Oil for Gardening

Uses of Neem Oil for Gardening

Neem oil is an oil obtained from the seeds of neem. It is one of the important products of neem, that is used in organic farming and medicines. It repels a wide variety of pests including the mealy bug, aphids, and thrips. Neem oil act as an antifeedant and drives out insects feeding on the plant.

Here are some tips to use neem oil for houseplants.

1. Foliage Spray

To prevent powdery mildew, mix 10ml neem oil into 500 ml of water and then spray the mixture onto the affected plant leaves. Shake the bottle well before use.


2. Drives off Aphids

Aphids can be removed from plants using neem oil. Add one teaspoon of organic neem oil and four teaspoons of liquid detergent to one liter of water and fill the mixture into a spray bottle. Then, spray the affected parts of the plants with the mixture.


3. Kill whiteflies

Neem oil can be used to control the whiteflies. To use neem oil, take half a tablespoon of neem oil, add one spoonful of liquid soap and combine them in a liter of water. Mix all ingredients and spray on infested plants.

4. Kill Thrips

You can use the same solution to kill the thrips too, which are a persistent pest in the garden.

5. Control Plant Scale

Scale insects attack all types of plants, reducing the vigor and luster of the palnt. The neem oil mixed with soap solution and water can help you get rid of the plant scale.

6. Prevent Mealybugs

Neem oil takes time to kill mealybugs but leaves behind a residue that prevents further infestations.


7. Drives off Fungus

To get rid of fungus gnat infestations, mix one part neem oil with two parts liquid soap, then add one liter  of water. Pour the mixture into the pot. This will help you drive away fungus in the soil.

8. Remove Spider mites

Neem tree is quite effective in preventing spider mite infestations but it takes some time. Clean the leaves with a damp cloth before spraying the solution for it to be more effective. Mix half a teaspoon of neem oil with one teaspoon of liquid detergent and one liter of water and spray on infested parts of the plant.

Spider mites

9. Make the plant's leaves lustrous

The same solution with neem oil, liquid soap,  and water can be used clean the leaves of the plants indoors. It gives a fresh and shiny look to your plants.

10. Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes prefer to hide amidst indoor plant leaves. Neem oil sprayed around them will deter mosquitoes around the plant.

NOTE: Always make sure to use the neem oil solution on 1-2 leaves before using it for the whole plant.

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