6 Tips for More Flowers

6 Tips for More Flowers

Who wouldn't like their garden to be filled with colorful blooms? However, having more blooms in a plant is a bit tricky. 


6 Tips for More Flowers

Secrets To Get More Flowers In Your Garden

1. Potting Mix

Loam soils with lots of organic matter, like aged (or composted) manures provide nutrients to plants slowly. 

Therefore it is advisable to add some compost or manure to your potting mix when planting your plants and at the mid-season. 

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2. Deadhead Often

When you see the dried flowers, remove them immediately. Also, remove dead and dried branches and leaves, so that the vital energy of the plant is directed toward producing more flowers. 

3. Add Fertilizers

Add liquid fertilizer during the growing season. If there is more vegetative growth and fewer flowers in your plant, it means the potting soil has an excess Nitrogen fertilizer. So make sure not to over-fertilize the plants. Add fertilizer that is rich in Phosphorous as it encourages blooming. 

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4. Provide Adequate Sun

Most flowering plants prefer long hours of sunlight. But, shade-loving plants tend to stop blooming if placed under bright sunlight. 

5. Watering

Too much water leads to foliage growth, but may also lead to the reduction in flowering. Lack of moisture causes bud drop. 

If you want to grow flowers, the best thing to do is water moderately during the flowering period.

6. Keep them Slightly Root Bound

If you want to grow them in flowerpots, be sure to give them enough space and keep them root-bound. 

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 6 Tips for More Flowers

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.