25 Incredible Ways to Decorate With Plants

25 Incredible Ways to Decorate With Plants

If you want to learn how to decorate every part of your home with plants, here are some quirky, fun, and exciting ideas you can try out!

1. Bar Cart Plant Stand

Make sure to showcase some plants in a bar cart and use it as a mobile plant stand that can be relocated anywhere in the house.

2. Vines in Front Hall

If you want to add some greenery indoors, grow vines in a hanging basket or pot. A front hall with vines looks gorgeous.

3. Greenery in Bathroom

To add greenery to the bathroom, consider adding some houseplants. 

Check out the indoor plants suitable for humid atmosphere.

4. Plants for the work office

Adding plants to your workspace will make it appear nice and help improve concentration, reduce radiation, promote positivity, and improve your eyesight.


5. Add plants to the bedroom.

Put some potted plants in your bedroom. Some indoor plants also help improve deep sleep.

Best indoor plants for bedroom

6. A Green Balcony

If you include some large plants on your balcony, you won't even require any other outdoor decor.

Here are some plants with glossy green leaves

7. Spruce Up Your Kitchen

When you decorate your home, don't forget your kitchen. Growing houseplants on the kitchen window sill is a great idea.

Here are the herbs you can grow on a kitchen window sill

8. Plants on Shelves

Want to add some decorative elements to your shelf? Plants are the best choice. Choose any small, lush green indoor plants for your bookshelf.

9. A Hanging Garden from the Ceiling

You can use vertical space by hanging vines from the window or ceiling. The spilling appearance gives a stunning look to the indoors.

Check out the hanging plants suitable for low light conditions

10. Living room with plant shelf

Add some life to your living room by decorating it with a shelf featuring beautiful houseplants. You can then place all your favorite houseplants in one setting.

11. A green room divider

You can divide a large room into smaller spaces by installing a tall shelf with plants and creating a room divider.

12. Greens in the dining hall

Adding some plants can enhance a plain dining room into a beautiful space.

13. A green wall

Instead of spending lots of cash on expensive artwork, create a green wall with beautiful plants.

green wall<

Here are some best climbers for indoors

14. Fill an Empty Corner

Make a beautiful statement by bringing life to an empty space using hanging plants or tall potted plants.

15. Bookcase with Plants

A built-in bookcase isn't just meant for storing books; you can also display various plants in it.

16. A green spot

Choose a spot in your house exclusively to display the plants.

17. Plants on the entrance

Put up a display of your love for plants and greenery when people enter your home. Use a shelf or a bar cart to add more plants.

18. Diversity in every corner

Create an interesting mix of textures and colors with different plants. Their varying heights will also look good.

19. Garden Up the Stair

Stack up the stairs with small plants, decorative pots, and hanging plants in between to create a minimalist but beautiful backdrop.

20. Bonsai

If you want to bring some life into your indoor space, consider bringing home a Ficus, dwarf jade, or bonsai. They're just as beautiful as they sound!

21. A tropical bedroom

Create a tropical bedroom with large plants and bring a jungle vibe indoors.

22. Trail the vines in different shapes

Trail the vines around a mirror or on a wall in different shapes to add a green statement indoors.

23. Plants on the window sill

Window sill receives abundant sunlight, and it is a great place to grow herbs and small flowering plants.

Here are some indoor plants for brightly lit spaces 

24. Decorate Small Corners

If you want to add some color to your room, then consider adding statement houseplants in the dull corners.

25. Meditate in a green space

Add plants to your meditation room to make the place more serene and calming.

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.