We rescued succulent plants!

We rescued succulent plants!


Here we are with a patch of rescued succulent plants.

Few of our customers wanted to get rid of their succulents.

We were right there to pick them up and be able to grow them and multiply them so that we could have a lot more succulents.

We have at least about 10 different varieties of succulents here.

Here we have one variety. Here's another. Here's a unique one.

Just like this, we have so many ones here.

Succulents love the heat. They don't like too much of water.

They prefer well-drained soil.

They can grow with some amount of diffused light.

But they should be under a roof where the ambient air is hot.

It likes heat.

That's when it grows well.

Remember, succulents are desert plants.

They don't require a lot of water.

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Happy Gardening,

Dr. Vandana