We enjoy the serenity of our backyard and community gardens. The beauty of every garden is enriched with native plants and wildlife. Native plants are the key to attracting wildlife in the habitat such as bees, beetles, birds and butterflies. This enhances the beauty, value and vibrancy of our environment. However, to have all this, it is up to us to ensure a happier and healthier environment for our generations and the generations to come.

A rooftop garden filled with native plants

Let me give you a picture of what our world can turn into if we do not help Mother Nature sustain considerably in the near future. We derive up to 90% of food from some 150 different species of plants through the process of pollination. But the sad news is that on an annual basis up to 35% of bees are losing their beehives. If bees disappear, a human being can live only up to four years with a supply of food. Bees are important indicators as to maintaining the food ecosystem in balance. Imagine not having mangoes of watermelons because there are no bees to pollinate them. As our organic food table depends on them, the missing link of bees would completely disrupt the food cycle.

Vegetable market
Vegetable plants depend solely on bees for pollination

Bees solely depend on organic native plants. The use of pesticides and insecticides to earn a higher yield can genetically be harmful to the entire bee clan. To avoid such a drastic measure, it is preferable to grow native plants in an organic manner. We can create a sundry of vibrancy if we help these beautiful creatures nurture in the ecosystem and co exist with us. Let us grow some native plants and use no chemicals in our gardens. Let’s save the bees!

Bees pollination
Bees: Assuring food security for us humans

We need to create more gardens in the cities to protect and provide an ecosystem to many different insects and fauna. Lets re-invite biodiversity by starting a garden revolution!


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August 16, 2015 | Reply

Having a multi training at Sustainability Developpement, an experience with ‘Moroccan Network of Social and Solidarity Economy’,’Earth and Humanism Morocco’ NGO especially with producers baskets Dar Bouazza, seed Women and many other projects, I have had contact with all categories Moroccan society, write a large number of records, reports, worksheets, Arabic, French and English documents.

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