We are all consumers. As consumers, the start of our day begins with a strong cup of coffee at work or a cup of warm milk before school. But we don’t take the time out to realize where these cups get disposed after we use them. We have never paid heed to where our total amount of consumption ends up. I have noticed that as consumers we never seem to care about Mother Nature and return the needs she bestows upon us.  We certainly seem heartless even when our current Prime Minister is strict on the movement of “Swachh Bharath”.

Recently, as a part of my program, I went to cover the TCS Sunfeast 10K Marathon event that took place close to the heart of Bangalore. The execution of this race was to support and motivate Swachh Bharath. It was organised around the Cubbon Park early on a breezy, cold Sunday morning. It was marvelous to observe a huge number of participants all around Bangalore and few from other countries engage in this marathon. As a growing nature lover, I was disappointed to notice that Bangaloreans litter the place with plastic bottles and paper cups. As they collected their necessities from the counters set every two kilometers apart, the use of disposable bins were at the minimum. I was in the presence of the chaos noticing people flick this waste onto the side of the roads and into nature and our green environment.

To my surprise, the next day at work, what I came across startled me. The cups we make use of are usually recycled 2-3 times until the fibers cannot be reused. Now experts have presented a result where the cups designed can actually turn into a plant. When the cups are manufactured, seeds of different native plants are embedded into the cups. By the consumption of such cups, the consumer will be aware of what their cup grows into. There are two possibilities. One is either they can keep the cup at home and plant it in their gardens and nurseries. Or two, they can dispose the cups in the special bins provided in and around their community and be aware of what native plant species their cup grows into and at which desired location will it be grown. Though this will take a while to begin in India, I was content that soon enough this driving force will not harm Mother Nature anymore.

A seed cup = 1 Tree


A seed cup looks like any other paper cup you have seen
Imagine all the products that can have seeds in them!
Imagine all the products that can have seeds in them!

So as a budding entrepreneur looking at sustainable ways of changing society, it is our responsibility to grow our landscape into a strong and beautiful place for our future generations to live in. And by interactively being part of such an event, we can help our surroundings with organic species of plants and return the favor we had taken for granted so far.





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