Hibiscus flowers and the plant has medicinal properties.In most parts of India no garden is complete without at least one hibiscus plant.Most home gardens and public parks have a variety of hibiscus plants with colorful flowers.

Hibiscus plant thrives on humidity. It is essential to spray the plant lightly each day to make the plant look healthy and at its best. Hibiscus plant also needs a lot of Fertilizer during the growing stages, and once the plant has matured it does not require a lot of fertilizer. I have seen some Hibiscus plants growing wild , the plants filled with dazzling blooms with absolutely no specialized care except what nature provides in the form of light and water and they seem to thrive and grow even better than those found in well tended gardens – Amazing !

The Hibiscus flowers come in all varieties , shapes,sizes and colors. They look very ornamental in any garden and are hardy, lasting a good many years. We have one at home that is no less than 40 years old. It is the common Bright dazzling Red, large petaled variety that has become a land mark in our garden. It has now grown very tall and flowers all through the year. We have used the flowers for every kind of use other than decorating the Gods photographs , beautifying the home by arranging them in a wide urn filled with water, hair care etc..

Hibiscus has many medicinal properties . According to Ayurveda it is good for increasing blood count among anemic people. The bright Red variety that is commonly found in tropical countries is supposed to be the best . The flowers are boiled in a little water and blended in a mixer with roasted cumin seeds and salt and consumed after diluting it to the required level ,for increasing the quantity of hemoglobin ..

The flower is also used for hair care. The leaves and flowers are added to hot coconut oil and slowly heated for a few minutes , after which the oil is completely cooled and filtered. The Oil is then stored in bottles and used to apply to the hair . The oil should be massaged into the hair and left for an hour or two after which it can be washed with a shampoo. This treatment when done regularly has been proved to be very helpful in stopping hair loss and promoting new hair growth.
In India certain varieties of Hibiscus flowers are used for cooking. Hibiscus is supposed to contain some vital nutrients that are essential for the body and in the southern parts of India it is regularly used in cooking.

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