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Wedelia (Sphagneticola trilobata)

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  • Conditions: Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil but can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including poor and sandy soils. Drought-tolerant once established.
  • Flowering Time: Produces an abundance of flowers throughout the year, with peak blooming occurring in the warmer months.
  • Growth Habit: Forms a dense mat of foliage that spreads quickly via runners, making it an effective ground cover.
  • Uses: Wedelia is commonly used as a ground cover, erosion control plant, or as a trailing plant in hanging baskets and containers. Its bright flowers add color to gardens and landscapes.

Wedelia (Sphagneticola trilobata) is a versatile perennial plant known for its rapid growth and colorful flowers. Flourishing in sunny locations with well-drained soil, it is an excellent choice for ground cover and erosion control, adding beauty and functionality to gardens and landscapes. Its ability to tolerate various soil types and its drought resistance make it a popular choice for low-maintenance landscaping projects.