UrbanMali Mentors

Radha Eswar

The birth of the Urban Mali Initiative is the brainchild of Radha Eswar, architect-turned-social entrepreneur.  She started TFEF - The Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation, with the passion to remove poverty from the society through entrepreneurship. UrbanMali is incubated by TFEF. All the enterprises incubated with TFEF have a strong molding which nurtures the mind, body and soul while doing socially impacting work that helps revitalise the planet. 


Krish Murali Eswar

The drive and vigour to make the Urban Mali Initiative achieve so much ground, drive social impact and benefit the mali community as well as the environment is owed to the foresight of Krish Murali Eswar. Harvard business school graduate and a TEDx speaker on sustainable habitats, he has worked with the French government’s environment agency and led a team to innovate and design India’s first energy information center. Following his two major passions, astrology and Vastu shastra, KME is a mentor to all of TFEF's initiatives, he keeps us on track to success.


Dr. Ganesh Babu

Dr Ganesh Babu is the inspiration behind UrbanMali's support towards native plants across city gardens. He is a botanical expert and can instantly identify all the myriad plants with their curiosities and benefits. Dr Babu vouches by the importance of landscapes using indigenous and naturalized plants. He has helped create forests and large gardens with his exceptional botanical expertise.


Dr Siddharth Bharath IyengarDr. Siddharth Bharath

Dr Siddharth Bharath is an ecologist, facilitator and educator who is passionate about education as a path to a more free, equitable and sustainable world. He has training as a quantitative and field ecologist (PhD in Ecology from the University of Minnesota, USA). He has been involved in community building around democracy, sustainability and culture since 2007. He is excited about the potential of social enterprise to organically grow and enable social transformation.