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Ulsoor, Bangalore Gardening - UrbanMali in Ulsoor, Bangalore, offers professional gardening services with a focus on quality and reliability. Our dedicated team is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information!


UrbanMali in Ulsoor, Bangalore is a top gardening service, specializing in native plants and organic gardening. They empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners and have won the Times She Unltd Award. With a focus on reliability, professionalism, and sustainability, UrbanMali can help you create a healthy and beautiful garden.


  • 0% Chemicals: Organic Gardening
  • 100% Organic: Eco-Friendly
  • Sustainable: Long-Term Growth
  • Awarded: She Unltd Recognition
  • Native Plants: Biodiversity Conservation
  • Professionals: Expert Care


UrbanMali offers reliable, professional, and sustainable gardening services including lawn care, tree pruning, and flower planting. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality services to meet all your gardening needs. Let us help you make the most out of your garden today!


UrbanMali provides reliable and professional gardening services in Ulsoor, Bangalore. We specialize in sustainable practices using native plants and organic materials and even empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners. Our recognition as Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Services and winner of the Times She Unltd Award attests to our commitment to quality service. Let us help you create a beautiful and eco-friendly garden today!


Q: What does UrbanMali offer when it comes to gardening?

A: UrbanMali offers a range of gardening services, from designing and installing landscapes to maintaining and caring for existing gardens. We also have a 100% native plants nursery and use 0% chemicals, making our services 100% organic and sustainable.

Q: How experienced are your gardeners?

A: All our gardeners are professionally trained, so you can rest assured that your gardening needs will be taken care of with the highest level of expertise.

Q: What makes UrbanMali different from other gardening services?

A: At UrbanMali, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and quality. We use 0% chemicals and only 100% organic methods, and have been awarded the She Unltd Women Entrepreneurs Award in 2020.

Q: What are UrbanMali’s core values?

A: At UrbanMali, our core values are quality, reliability, and sustainability. These values guide our decisions and our approach to gardening, ensuring that we always deliver the best possible results.

Q: What kind of spaces can UrbanMali garden for?

A: We can garden for any kind of space, from small balconies to large yards. We also specialize in creating sustainable, native plant gardens.

Experience Sustainability with UrbanMali in Ulsoor, Bangalore!

Welcome to UrbanMali - your sustainable gardening solution in Ulsoor, Bangalore. We prioritize sustainability to maintain a healthy environment. Our services include locally sourced plants, eco-friendly fertilizers, and expert advice to create beautiful gardens with minimal impact. Trust us to help you build a greener future. Visit UrbanMali today!

Landscaping, Maintenance, and Design for Gardening

Landscaping, maintenance, and design are essential for a beautiful garden. These services ensure your outdoor space is always at its best, whether you want to create a new garden or maintain an existing one.

Landscaping transforms areas with plants, flowers, and custom stone pathways, offering limitless possibilities. Expert advice is provided on selecting plants suitable for your environment, ensuring optimal results for your garden.

Designing a garden involves considering factors like climate, soil, sunlight, wind, and wildlife. With proper planning, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis. Professional gardeners offer valuable insights to maximize the potential of your space while working within your budget.

Get Your Hands Dirty and Reap the Benefits of Gardening!

Gardening offers rewarding benefits for your physical and mental health. It provides a sense of accomplishment, fresh air, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature. Growing your own vegetables and herbs ensures access to healthy produce throughout the year. Start gardening today and enjoy the multitude of benefits it brings.

Gardening offers physical and mental health benefits, a sense of accomplishment, fresh air, exercise, relaxation, and nature connection. Growing your own vegetables and herbs provides year-round access to healthy produce. Start gardening now and enjoy its many benefits.


How Can Gardening enhance Our Lives?

Gardening connects us with nature and offers opportunities to spend time outdoors. It can foster community and appreciation for the environment. Some benefits of gardening include:

  • Enjoying fresh fruits and veggies right from your garden - no grocery store necessary!
  • Getting exercise in the form of digging, planting, and weeding.
  • Taking pride in creating something beautiful and unique in your space.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety while connecting with nature.

Whether you're looking for a hobby or want to grow some of your own produce, gardening offers so much more than meets the eye. Get outside and start exploring all that gardening has to offer!

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.