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Shivajinagar, Bangalore Gardening - UrbanMali in Shivajinagar, Bangalore, offers professional gardening services with a focus on quality and reliability. Our dedicated team is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information!


UrbanMali in Shivajinagar, Bangalore is a top gardening service, specializing in native plants and organic gardening. They empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners and have won the Times She Unltd Award. With a focus on reliability, professionalism, and sustainability, UrbanMali can help you create a healthy and beautiful garden.


  1. Native Plants: Authentic Greenery
  2. Organic Gardening: Eco-Friendly Solutions
  3. Empowered Migrant Farmers: Community Impact
  4. No.1 Gardener: Quality Assured
  5. Times She Unltd Award: Recognized Excellence


UrbanMali offers reliable, professional, and sustainable gardening services including lawn care, tree pruning, and flower planting. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality services to meet all your gardening needs. Let us help you make the most out of your garden today!


UrbanMali provides reliable and professional gardening services in Shivajinagar, Bangalore. We specialize in sustainable practices using native plants and organic materials and even empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners. Our recognition as Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Services and winner of the Times She Unltd Award attests to our commitment to quality service. Let us help you create a beautiful and eco-friendly garden today!

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Q1:What kind of gardening services do you offer?

A:We offer a variety of gardening services, including native plant selection, organic gardening, and professional gardening services.

Q2:How reliable are your services?

A:We take pride in our reliability and our commitment to quality. We strive to ensure that every project we take on is completed with the highest level of care and attention.

Q3:What sets you apart from other gardening services?

A:We are dedicated to empowering migrant farmers from villages as professional gardeners and are Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Services. We have also been awarded the Times She Unltd Award.

Q4:Is your service sustainable?

A:Absolutely! We believe in providing sustainable gardening solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Q5:Where are you based?

A:We are based in Shivajinagar, Bangalore.

Hire the Most Reliable Gardening Service in Shivajinagar, Bangalore - UrbanMali!

UrbanMali is a premier gardening service in Shivajinagar, Bangalore, specializing in quality work by experienced migrant farmers. Trust us for a garden you'll be proud of.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire us for your gardening needs:

  1. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time.
  2. We use cutting-edge technology to give you the highest quality results.
  3. Every gardener on our team has years of experience and expertise.
  4. Our prices are incredibly competitive and we offer discounts for repeat customers.

We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our work, so don't hesitate to reach out and learn more about how UrbanMali can help transform your garden into a green oasis!

Landscaping, Maintenance and Design for the Perfect Garden

When it comes to creating a beautiful garden, our experienced professionals specialize in landscaping, maintenance, and design. We handle everything from planting flowers and trees to building pathways and patios, ensuring a hassle-free and stress-free experience for you. Here's what our team of experts can do for you:

  • Create a custom plan for your garden that meets your needs and budget
  • Plant shrubs, plants and trees suited to the climate and soil in your area
  • Construct outdoor living spaces such as retaining walls, paths and decks
  • Install irrigation systems and lighting fixtures Provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your garden looking its best.

We offer comprehensive services to meet all your gardening needs. Our regular maintenance services ensure that your garden remains vibrant and well-maintained throughout the year, providing you with worry-free enjoyment.

Additionally, our skilled professionals specialize in creating customized garden designs that reflect your style and preferences. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting beauty. Contact us today to take your gardening project to the next level!

Why Is Gardening So Important?

Gardening is a therapeutic and rewarding way to connect with nature. It provides us with a sense of accomplishment and allows us to bring greenery into our lives. Access to green space is essential, and gardening offers a fulfilling way to create our own natural environment.

Gardening offers numerous benefits. It improves our physical health through exercise, enhances mental wellbeing by reducing stress, and provides access to nutritious organic food. By gardening, we prioritize our own wellbeing while also caring for the planet.

How Can Gardening enhance Our Lives?

Gardening is a valuable aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It promotes outdoor activity, reduces stress, and yields abundant crops of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Gardening provides numerous benefits that enhance our lives:

  • Nature Connection: Cultivating plants from seed deepens our connection with nature, fostering appreciation for its beauty and gaining valuable perspective.
  • Exercise: Engaging in physical activity while tending to the garden improves strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness, making it a enjoyable family activity.
  • Nutrition: Growing your own food empowers you to control the quality of what you consume. Opting for organic fertilizers and methods enhances nutrient levels in the soil, resulting in healthier produce for you and your loved ones.
  • Stress Reduction: Immersing yourself in the simple tasks of gardening outdoors helps alleviate daily pressures. The repetitive motions and serene atmosphere offer a sense of peace and relaxation.

Experience the remarkable benefits of gardening by giving it a try today!

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Happy Gardening!

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