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Malleswaram, Bangalore Gardening - UrbanMali in Malleswaram, Bangalore provides quality and sustainable gardening services. Our shop offers everything you need from plants to soil to create a beautiful garden. Let us help you achieve your gardening goals today!


UrbanMali is a top gardening service in Malleswaram, Bangalore. We offer native plants and organic gardening solutions, empowering migrant farmers to become professional gardeners. We're recognized as the No.1 Gardener Services in Bangalore and recently won The Times She Unltd Award. Choose us for quality, reliability, and sustainability in all your gardening needs.


  1. Native Plants: Grow Naturally
  2. Organic Gardening: Eco-Friendly Solutions
  3. Empowering Farmers: Supporting Villages
  4. No.1 Gardener: Quality Service
  5. Times She Award: Recognised Excellence


We offer a wide range of quality products and reliable services to meet all your gardening needs. From fertilizers to plants, we've got everything you need to make your garden look its best and remain sustainable for years to come. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your gardening requirements today!


Why choose us?

UrbanMali provides top-notch gardening services using only native plants and organic soil for a healthy and sustainable garden. Our team comprises professional gardeners who are empowered migrant farmers from villages. Our services have been recognized as the No.1 Gardener Services in Bangalore by the Times She Unltd Awards. Choose us for quality, reliability, and sustainability!


Q: What kinds of products can we find in your gardening shop?

A: You can find a variety of native plants, organic seeds, gardening tools, and other products to help you with gardening.

Q: Do you offer any gardening services?

A: Yes, we offer professional gardening services and have a team of experienced gardeners to help you with all your gardening needs.

Q: Can we get advice on gardening from your shop?

A: Absolutely! Our team of experts is always available to provide advice and guidance on gardening.

Q: Do you offer any discounts on your products?

A: Yes, we offer discounts on our products from time to time. Be sure to check our website for the latest offers!

Q: How can we contact you if we have any questions?

A: You can contact us via email or telephone and we'll be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Hire UrbanMali in Malleswaram, Bangalore for Innovative Gardening Services!

Looking for innovative gardening services? Look no further than UrbanMali in Malleswaram, Bangalore. Our experienced team specializes in organic gardening and creates unique solutions for every project. Plus, our competitively priced services provide great value. With access to all the tools and resources needed to transform your garden, why wait? Contact UrbanMali today!

Buy Supplies at Gardening Shop

Looking for garden supplies? Check out our local gardening shop! We have everything you need for your next project, including soil, plants, tools, and more.

We offer quality gardening products from trusted brands and our knowledgeable staff is always available to provide guidance, from soil selection to plant care recommendations. Our gardening shop offers affordable prices so you can create your dream garden without breaking the bank. Come visit us today to get started!

Why Is Having a Gardening Shop Important?

At UrbanMali, find all your gardening needs in one place: seeds, fertilizer, and tools for landscaping. Our expert staff provides helpful advice and answers to your queries.

At UrbanMali, we prioritize healthy and sustainable gardening by stocking only quality and safe products that meet today's standards. Shop with us for the best products for your garden, and our knowledgeable team will help your plants thrive.

How Can an Organic Gardening Shop Bring Value to Your Home?

UrbanMali's organic gardening shop in Malleswaram, Bangalore can help you create a beautiful, healthy and sustainable green space at home.

At UrbanMali, we carefully curate our selection of organic plants, soil, and other materials to create healthy, thriving gardens. Our experts select plants that are compatible with each other and the environment around them, so you can be confident in your choices. Whether you're interested in seeds, shrubs, trees, herbs, or vegetables, we have everything you need to create a beautiful and vibrant garden.

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.