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UrbanMali in Domlur, Bangalore, is your go-to for creative and eco-friendly landscape design services. Committed to reliability and quality, we're here to help you create a sustainable and beautiful outdoor space. Contact us today!


UrbanMali specializes in creative and sustainable landscape design, employing native plants, organic techniques, and eco-friendly materials. As Bangalore's top Gardening Services provider, we prioritize reliability and empower migrant farmers, acknowledged with the Times She Unltd Award. Trust us to design your outdoor space with precision, aligning seamlessly with your vision and needs.


  • Native Plants: Nurturing Nature
  • Organic Gardening: Growing Green
  • Empowering Farmers: Supporting Communities
  • No.1 Gardener Services: Professional Quality
  • Times She Unltd Award: Recognised Excellence


Unlock your dream garden with our creative, reliable, and eco-friendly Landscape Designer service. Trust us to design a stunning outdoor space tailored to your vision and sustainable for years. Collaborate with our team to create something unique and aligned with your needs.


UrbanMali is your ideal choice for landscape design, offering eco-friendly solutions and empowering migrant farmers. As Bangalore's top Gardener Services, we've secured the Times She Unltd Award, ensuring reliability and excellence. Trust us with your landscape design projects today!

Landscape Design


Q: What services do your Landscape Designers provide? A: Our Landscape Designers provide design consultation, installation, and maintenance of outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and yards.

Q: How experienced are your Landscape Designers? A: Our Landscape Designers have years of experience in the industry and are knowledgeable in native plants, organic gardening, and sustainable practices.

Q: What sets your Landscape Designers apart? A: Our Landscape Designers are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but they also come from rural villages and are empowered by us as professional gardeners.

Q: Are your Landscape Designers available for consultation? A: Yes, our Landscape Designers are available for consultation and ready to help create your dream outdoor space.

Q: What awards have your Landscape Designers won? A: Our Landscape Designers have been awarded the Times She Unltd Award for their commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Get Reliable Landscape Design with UrbanMali in Domlur, Bangalore!

UrbanMali, the No.1 gardening service in Domlur, Bangalore, offers reliable landscape design. Our experienced team ensures beautiful, long-lasting outdoor spaces that reflect your style. Committed to competitive prices and top-notch services, trust us to transform your vision into reality. Contact us today to elevate your outdoors!

The Aesthetic Appeal of a Professional Landscape Designer

Enhance your space with a professionally designed landscape. A skilled designer considers your property to create a beautiful, functional outdoor area, suggesting ideas for texture, color, and lighting. They ensure year-round beauty with suitable plantings and can create practical spaces like patios and decks, adding both value and functionality. With a qualified landscape designer, the process of upgrading your front yard or creating a backyard oasis becomes smoother and more enjoyable.

Why Is Having a Landscape Designer Important?

Enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and value with professional landscaping. A skilled landscape designer brings extensive knowledge of plant varieties, soil conditions, and sunlight requirements, ensuring a beautiful outdoor space. They excel in plant arrangement for maximum visual impact, offering unique designs that align with your style and budget. Save time and money while achieving the perfect garden look with the expertise of a landscape designer.

How Can a Landscape Designer Help You?

Elevate your home's allure with a professional landscape designer, expert in crafting both beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Receive personalized advice on plant selection and materials, ensuring maximum beauty and functionality. Enjoy creative ideas for enhancements like lighting and seating areas, all executed with worry-free installation expertise.


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