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Indiranagar, Bangalore Gardening - UrbanMali is a reliable, sustainable gardening service in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Get a dedicated gardener to maintain your garden. Contact us now!


UrbanMali is a leading gardening service in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Professional, sustainable, and award-winning. We empower migrant farmers and create beautiful gardens with native plants. Trust us for all your gardening needs.


  • Quality Native Plants: Healthy, Natural
  • Organic Gardening: Eco-Friendly, Natural
  • Empowering Migrant Farmers: Skilled, Rewarding
  • Bangalore's No.1: Professional, Experienced
  • Times She Unltd Award Winner: Acclaimed, Recognized


At UrbanMali, we're dedicated to creating and maintaining stunning gardens. Our reliable, experienced gardeners use eco-friendly methods and materials to ensure your outdoor space stays beautiful. From planting to pruning, we've got all your gardening needs covered. Trust us to keep your garden in top shape.


UrbanMali offers reliable, quality gardening services specializing in native plants and organic gardening. We empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners, ensuring sustainable practices. As Bangalore's top-ranked gardener service and a Times She Unltd Award winner, we guarantee exceptional service for your gardening needs.



Q: What kind of services does UrbanMali offer?

A: We offer professional gardening services, including native plants and organic gardening.

Q: What makes UrbanMali stand out?

A: We are Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Service, and we were awarded the Times She Unltd Award. We also empower migrant farmers from villages as professional gardeners.

Q: What are UrbanMali's core values?

A: Our core values are Quality, Reliability and Trust.

Q: What can I expect from a gardener from UrbanMali?

A: You can expect a professional gardener who is committed to providing quality services and reliable results.

Q: How can I be sure I'm getting the best service?

A: We have built a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, so you can be sure that when you hire a gardener from UrbanMali, you will get the best service.

Need a Reliable Gardening Service in Indiranagar, Bangalore? Hire UrbanMali!

UrbanMali is a reliable choice for all your gardening needs. From regular maintenance to landscaping, we provide quality work using native plants and eco-friendly materials. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you and ensure your satisfaction. Let us turn your gardening dreams into reality!

Gardening: Hire, Maintain, Plant

When it comes to gardening, hiring the right gardener is crucial. Here's a breakdown of hiring, maintaining, and planting to help you create your perfect outdoor oasis.

When hiring a gardener, research multiple candidates and seek referrals. Read online reviews and visit their previous work. Ask questions about their experience, tools, and knowledge of local plants.

After finding the right gardener, regular maintenance is crucial for a thriving garden. This includes watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and more. A knowledgeable gardener will guide you on the necessary tasks, and their frequency, and provide recommendations for supplies or equipment.

Having the right gardener is crucial for a beautiful garden. When it's time to plant, choose a variety of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, or trees that suit your preferences. Consult with your gardener to ensure the right choices for your climate and soil. A cautionary tale underlines the importance of finding the right gardener: a neighbor's house suffered expensive foundation damage due to improper planting by an inexperienced gardener. With the guidance of a skilled gardener, you can create a stunning outdoor space that lasts.

Why is Having a Professional Gardener Necessary?

Hiring a professional gardener is essential for a beautiful and well-maintained outdoor space. Here's why it's important:

  • Expert Care: Professional gardeners understand how to care for plants according to their specific needs, ensuring a healthy garden.
  • Specialized Tools and Knowledge: They have access to specialized tools, materials, and knowledge to maximize your garden's potential.
  • Year-round Beauty: With a professional gardener's help, your garden will always look attractive and inviting without any hassle.

Investing in a professional gardener may seem like an additional expense, but considering the costs of buying plants, fertilizers, and equipment, it's a wise choice. Trust UrbanMali for the best professional gardening service available.

Enjoy a Green Oasis with UrbanMali!

Create your own outdoor oasis with UrbanMali, your experienced gardener service. We understand the importance of having a green escape in our lives, and our team can help you design a beautiful, functional, and sustainable garden. From transforming small balconies to entire backyards, we'll bring your vision to life quickly and efficiently.

Our comprehensive services include garden maintenance, tree pruning, and more, ensuring all your gardening needs are taken care of. With UrbanMali, you'll not only get a stunning garden but also peace of mind. Contact us today and let us bring your green dreams to life! 

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Happy Gardening!

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