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Bellandur, Bangalore Gardening - UrbanMali in Bellandur, Bangalore, offers professional gardening services with a focus on quality and reliability. Our dedicated team is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information!


UrbanMali in Bellandur, Bangalore is a top gardening service, specializing in native plants and organic gardening. They empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners and have won the Times She Unltd Award. With a focus on reliability, professionalism, and sustainability, UrbanMali can help you create a healthy and beautiful garden.


  • Organic Gardening: 0% Chemicals
  • Sustainable Practices: 100% Native Plants
  • Award-Winning: She Unltd 2020
  • Trustworthy: Professionally Trained Gardeners
  • Reliable: Efficient, Reliable, Sustainable


UrbanMali offers reliable, professional, and sustainable gardening services including lawn care, tree pruning, and flower planting. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality services to meet all your gardening needs. Let us help you make the most out of your garden today!

Organic Gardening


UrbanMali provides reliable and professional gardening services in Bellandur, Bangalore. We specialize in sustainable practices using native plants and organic materials and even empower migrant farmers to become professional gardeners. Our recognition as Bangalore's No.1 Gardener Services and winner of the Times She Unltd Award attests to our commitment to quality service. Let us help you create a beautiful and eco-friendly garden today!


Q: What gardening services do you offer?

A: We offer a wide range of gardening services, including landscaping, planting, pruning, fertilizing, soil improvement, and pest control.

Q: Do you use chemicals in your gardening services?

A: No, we don't use any chemicals in our services. We only use 100% organic, sustainable solutions.

Q: Are your gardeners professionally trained?

A: Yes, all our gardeners are professionally trained and experienced in their field.

Q: Do you use native plants in your nursery?

A: Yes, we only use native plants in our nursery.

Q: What awards have you won?

A: We won the She Unltd Women Entrepreneurs Award in 2020.

Hire UrbanMali – Reliable Gardening Services in Bellandur, Bangalore

Looking for a reliable gardening service in Bellandur, Bangalore? Choose UrbanMali for professional gardeners who deliver high-quality results on time, every time. Trust us to maintain the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

We understand the importance of a personalized and beautiful outdoor space. Our attentive gardeners focus on every detail, from planting flowers and shrubs to trimming hedges and pruning trees. With top-quality materials and equipment, we ensure a healthy and stunning garden that lasts.

Don't wait any longer to spruce up your outdoor area. Contact us today to learn more about our gardening services in Bellandur, Bangalore.

Landscaping, Maintenance, and Design for Your Gardening Needs

For your gardening needs, we provide tailored landscaping, maintenance, and design services to keep your garden in its best shape. Our experienced team pays attention to every detail, regardless of your garden type. Our landscaping services cover bed creation, weed removal, and bush trimming. We offer guidance in plant selection and garden arrangement for optimal beauty. With our maintenance plans, your garden will stay healthy and attractive throughout the year. Trust us to give your garden the care it deserves.

Hiring a professional gardening service offers advantages over doing it yourself. Proper garden maintenance requires knowledge and skill that many people lack. By entrusting us with the job, you save time, money, and stress while ensuring your garden receives the proper care it needs. We offer flexible payment options to fit any budget. Our dedicated professionals are committed to enhancing the beauty and health of all types of gardens. With our expertise in landscape maintenance and design, your garden is in good hands.

Unlock Your Inner Gardener: Enjoy the Benefits of Connecting with Nature!

Gardening offers a way to relax, reconnect with nature, and improve your overall well-being. With UrbanMali, you can create a beautiful outdoor oasis without sacrificing too much time or money. Here are some benefits of gardening:

  • Mental well-being: Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while finding happiness and satisfaction in gardening.
  • Physical activity: Stay active through tasks like digging, weeding, and pruning.
  • Time outdoors: Enjoy quality time away from screens, soaking up Vitamin D, fresh air, and sunshine.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Feel proud of your garden's results as a reminder of your hard work.

Why Should We Invest in Gardening?

Gardening adds value to your home, lets you enjoy the sunshine, and benefits the environment. It enhances your outdoor space, provides oxygen, reduces air pollution, and can yield tasty homegrown produce.

Gardening is a rewarding exercise that keeps you active and promotes social bonding. It's an ideal way to relax and spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying a slice of nature in your own yard. Make this summer memorable by embracing the many benefits of gardening.

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.