Airports are usually a place of a joyous occasion with the arrival of your family and friends or quite the contrary, a sad occasion when your loved ones have to depart. Usually, this is a place of mixed emotions for the crowd and nobody really does pay attention to their surroundings. But this airport has faithfully executed the idea of beautifying the airport that has attracted the crowds from all around the world. And running for the third consecutive year, the Changi Airport at Singapore has been nominated as the best airport in the world. The infrastructure of the airport includes a horticulture team, a waterfall, a butterfly garden and grown over  500,000 plants of 250 different species. The ambiance created by the horticulture team have worked on setting up orchid gardens, fish pond and plant nurseries to amaze and magically invite pleasant thoughts to the commuters.


Changi International AirportTo tend all the plants, the horticultural head of this plan Khaja Nazimudden Abdul Hameed, has employed a team of 11 horticulturists. They are further divided into the occupations of indoor, outdoor and nursery teams. The indoor team work on maintaining the butterfly garden and indoor gardening which is a tough job providing enough light source, a good drainage system and butterfly species to thrive in the garden. The outdoor horticulturists work on maintaining the outdoor environment and atmosphere. And the nursery team works on nurturing and providing initial development care for the plants.


Hoping that many community spaces such as airport lounges, hospitals, and office spaces can become important spots for biodiversity and conservation. We are doing this in a small way in Bangalore. Want to know how? Write to us at [email protected] to know more.


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