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The Surprising Health Benefits of Hibiscus
You may be familiar with hibiscus.  Did you know that this pleasant-tasting herb which is so abundantly growing all around
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Benefits of Growing Native Plants
Native planting is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits of going native, because these types of plants are easy
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5 Secrets To Creating Amazing Terrace Gardens
In case you are a first timer and do not know how to grow your own veggies, here is your
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Tips for Fertilizing Your Vegetable Garden
It is not enough just to water the plants in your garden and be done with it. The plants, especially
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Tips For Starting an Indoor Herb Garden
Wouldn’t you love to enjoy fresh herbs all year long? Fresh herbs can be used in all sorts of soups
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Useful Tips for Growing Succulents
Succulents are among the easiest plants to propagate, largely because the plants have a strong sense of self-preservation. The drought
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Unusual but Awe-Inspiring Garden Design Ideas
Unusual garden borders, planters, flower beds and garden stands beautifully accentuate garden design with surprising details and colorful elements. Here
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Secrets to Start an Urban Balcony Garden
Gardening everywhere and anywhere is fast becoming a fad in the urban cities where gardening enthusiasts are taking all the
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How to Attract Fireflies to Your Garden
Fireflies are like Mother Nature’s fairy lights, and who doesn’t want more of that? Here’s how to get your garden
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Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow At Home
For ages, people have been cooking with different types of herbs to add unique flavor to dishes. Studies now have
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25 DIY Low Budget Garden Ideas
DIY garden ideas are gaining more and more fame and interest in modern yard and lawn decoration trends, and can
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UB009: Herbal Remedies for Headache
Almost all of us have suffered from the pulsating head ache that totally disrupts your daily routine activities. Did you
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Did You Know That Plants Secretly Talk to Each Other?
Many ecologists have been trying to figure out how plants communicate with each other for a long time. One such
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UB008: Edible Wild Plants
When you visit a vegetable market, don’t your eyes always go roving looking for the fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits?
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Urban Apartment Gardening: Gardening Tips For Apartment Dwellers
I remember the days of apartment dwelling with mixed feelings. The spring and summer were especially hard on this lover
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