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Tips for Growing & Maintaining a Terrace Garden
With an ever-increasing population & pollution duo, life in urban cities might get lost in the cemented jungles. Terraced gardens
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DIY Self-Sustaining Terrariums at Home
Making your own terrariums is fun and surprisingly easy – and equally easy to maintain. Whatever the climate may be
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How to Make a Succulent Garden
Succulents are so popular right now! If you don’t think that you have the time and patience to look after
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How To Build A Garden Pond
If you have space in your garden, plus the desire to build and maintain a garden pond, definitely consider taking
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Everything You Need to Know About Square Foot Gardening
Square foot gardening is a GREAT way to get really high yields out of smaller spaces. In case you aren’t familiar,
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Why You Should Grow Sweet Potatoes in Your Garden
With the rising cost of food. Growing your own food is always a good insurance. One of the easiest vegetable
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DIY Raised Garden Beds
Raised garden beds boost vegetables above potentially waterlogged grounds. Not every gardener deals with a high water table, but there
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8 Easy Ways to Beat Weeds Organically
A single weed can produce as many as 250,000 seeds. Though some seeds are viable for only a year, others
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6 Signs You Are Overwatering Your Plants
Overwatering plants is one of the biggest issues I see in landscapes today. When plants don’t look healthy it is
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Mangaluru farmer grows 400 types of tropical fruits from across world
When 31-year-old Anil Balanja from Belthangady Taluk distributed Malaysian watermelon popular as yellow watermelon at the ‘jackfruit sante’ held recently
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How to Spot Nutrient Deficiencies in Your Vegetable Garden Plants
More and more people are aware of the fact that the fruits and vegetables that you buy from the market
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8 Essentials for Healthy Indoor Plants
Houseplants add so much to our homes — and can thrive when grown in the right conditions. Often we either
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9 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
During the sunny summer days, the warmth gets us moving and active most of the time. While the prospect of warmer weather
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A growing experience: Prison gardens transform inmates who tend to them
WESTOVER, Md. — Don Vass, an admitted drug dealer, pulls a cabbage from the ground, then hands it to Walter
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How to Grow, Harvest & Store Lemongrass
Lemongrass or Cymbopogon citratus, the culinary variety of lemongrass, is a zesty, wonderfully fragrant ingredient to enhance homemade teas, Thai
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