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See how easily you can adorn your indoors
Succulents are one of the most easiest group of plants to maintain. That is what make them so perfect for
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How to turn your backyard into a beeyard
Beekeeping is a tedious process involving hours of work, but a clever father-son duo in Australia has devised a way
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If you imagined purple paradise, this might be what it looked like…
Home to multiple flowers, Hitachi Seaside Park features an estimated 4.5 million baby blue eyes (Nemophila). The seas of blue flowers
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How to create an authentic Japanese garden
Do you want a calming, peaceful space outside that’s a joy to sit in and to walk around? Then turn
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Why an artificial lawn is not the best option
  We imagine homes with neatly trimmed hedges, colorful flower beds beneath the windows and a lush, green, well-manicured lawn rolling right up
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How To Grow Healthy Plants To Avoid Potential Problems
Spring and pre-monsoon are the most popular months for adding new plants to the garden.  When you visit your local nursery,
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A little bit of creativity can be very rewarding
When you see so many pictures of productive gardens in big backyards, it’s easy to forget that gorgeous gardens also
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The Coolest DIY Stuff That Everyone is Talking About…
With every new growing season comes the need for outdoor planters… and we’ve rounded up some unique planter tutorials for
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Start a Roof Garden Like the World Famous Garden in Ho Chin Min City
A creative and revolutionary new school in Vietnam has been constructed with a massive garden on its roof.   “Vietnam,
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What Everyone Ought to Know About Zen Gardens
A Zen garden is an interesting and deeply spiritual aspect of Japanese gardening traditions. The typical Zen garden consists of an
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All the beautiful things you can create with random objects
Do you have an old piano lying in the corner of your living room, made into a home for spiders
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How To Fast-Track Your Beautiful Garden
Your garden may be filled with all the eye candies like displacement of floral pots, benches, and vertical gardens, but
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The best rooftop gardens from the world over!
Rooftop gardens are not only a great way to combat air pollution, global warming and foster peace of mind in
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How To Build A Vertical Garden You Can Be Proud Of!
I don’t know about you, but in my small home, horizontal surfaces are few and far between. I wish I
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Drone Captures of the World’s Largest Garden
Keukenhof! I’m sure most of us haven’t heard of this place. It is situated in Lisse, Netherlands. This place is
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