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Landscape Design

We looked to see what landscape designs needed to make a powerful impact on people and the Earth. We realized that they needed to be interactive and responsive. They had to be re-generative and contribute to mental and physical health of its communes. They should also contribute to the health of their soils and biodiversity. This seemed like a tall order, but then we all know, that was how landscapes existed just a century and a half back, for millions of years before that.

We wondered how we could surmount this challenge of lost connectedness to nurturing nature. We wondered, too, how we could empower builders – the group of people ‘developing’ land parcels – to promote amongst communes, spaces that exponentially promoted mental and physical health of their families and friends. With some serious innovation exercises, we put together thoughts, ideas and wishes that grew from a collective wish of bringing to the table a set of designs that warm any heart and instantly create a nature connection for all.

We have designed many empowering gardens that communicate all the yearnings we had for nature in the city. Each of our gardens are filled with plants and trees relevant for their various unique roles. These are species indigenous to the area in question in any part of the globe. We are networked with scientists and botanists who would work with us to ensure the indigenous nature of such species. These plants are plenty in number and can make for very beautiful landscape elements.

Why we need an Empowering Garden?

Low Maintenance

Less Water

Aid in Health

Hardy plants

Zero chemical inputs

Encourage natural biodiversity

Start your home garden today!