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Large & Small Landscape Maintenance

Managing large garden spaces of an apartment complex, hotel, villa community, corporate office, or any other institution with care, is essential as these gardens contribute to the aesthetic appeal of its destination. Every plant and every garden requires regular care and attention. At Urban Mali, we manage both small and large landscapes in a timely and efficient way.

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Good for you & for the planet.

Our mantra of ‘good for you and the planet’ ensures we design unique restorative gardens that  reconnect with nature while positively contributing to the soil quality, local fauna and biodiversity.
Timely and efficient maintenance of these beautiful landscapes is critical. Pruning, trimming, lawn mowing, pest control and overall landscape garden maintenance can ensure healthier plants, and an aesthetic and thriving green oasis. 

Our flexible maintenance plans allow you to pick a package that match your needs. Bring your garden renovation projects to life and leave the hard work to us: UrbanMali gardeners and experts who ensure your gardens are healthy and stunning all through the year.
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