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Home Garden Set-up

We at UrbanMali believe that us urban citizens can definitely help bring back all the urban biodiversity that we saw in plenty decades ago. City gardens have an important role to play in the future of wildlife. 

We are thrilled that we can take gardens to every city dweller!

Our gardeners are dedicated to helping setup a customized garden for your home. We use native flowering plants to beautify your home, wonderful herbs that you can use in your kitchen for cooking and to help combat common ailments, and help you set up your off-the-grid vegetable garden for all your daily vegetable needs.

All this with no chemical inputs! Now you can eat your fruit straight from your garden without worrying about wax, pesticides or other harmful chemicals that go into conventional farming methods.

How UrbanMali works

1. Call UrbanMali @ 888042000 and let us know the details of your space and your preferences.

2. An Urban Mali will visit to analyse the space, take pictures and let you know what is possible.

3. We will get back to you with a budget, plans and an estimate of how long the project will take with our guidance.

4. The Mali comes to your place, sets up the garden and gives you tips to take care of your garden.

5. In the following months, he will follow up on maintenance and regular visits if you wish to opt for this service too.

We use only organic methods to maintain our gardens. All our products are naturally sourced and prepared by the gardeners themselves.

Neem Oil


  • Pesticide
  • Fungicide
  • Weedicide



  • Provides immunity against pests & diseases
  • Boosts plant growth
  • Increases yield



  • Soil enricher
  • Valuable source of Nitrogen
  • High micro-organism content

Neem Cake


  • Natural source of N, P & K
  • Prevents soil pests
  • Soil Fertiliser