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Almost all of us have suffered from the pulsating head ache that totally disrupts your daily routine activities. Did you know that herbs which can be grown at home can cure the headache instantly? Listen on to this podcast for some herbal remedies that can cure that irritating headache…

When you visit a vegetable market, don’t your eyes always go roving looking for the fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits? Most often, the vegetables that we buy from the market which although looks very fresh and healthy are actually not healthy at all. The process of refrigeration, waxy coat & irradiation makes them look very fresh

With the cities getting crammed with apartments and high-rise buildings, greenery is long forgotten and nobody has time whatsoever for planting trees and gardening. This is where limited space gardening comes into play. Container gardening is now fast becoming a favourite fad. Listen to this podcast for some interesting facts about container gardening.

Almost all of our city landscapes are filled with exotic plants. While it is difficult to maintain exotic varieties of plants, and to set artificial growing conditions for them, native plants are being forgotten, not because they are not equally beautiful, but because of the hype being created about exotic varieties. In this podcast, we