Winter Plants That Flower in Bangalore

Winter Plants That Flower in Bangalore

Top 20 Winter Plants that flower in Bangalore with Photographs

1) Vinca 

2) Jatropha

3) Bridal bouquet 

4) Philippine violet

5) Chrysanthemum

6) Geranium

7) Night jasmine

8) Marigold

9) Rose

10) Crossandra

11) Osbeckia

12) Dianthus

13) Butterfly milkweed

14) Plumbago

15) Passion flower

16) Cosmos 

17) Balsam

18) Nasturtium

19) Scarlet clock vine

20) Hibiscus


Caring for plants that flower in Winter in Bangalore

  • All plants are not equipped to handle the cool temperatures of winter, hence caring for plants during the winter might mean some extra care for your plants. 
  • The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is watering your plants. Since the sun does not shine as brightly as it does in summers, your plants do not  require a lot of water. Drying up of the soil takes a while, hence you do not need to water your plants everyday. In fact, if you water them daily it will end up with moist and wet soil which will cause your plants to die due to root rot.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you can water your plants only if the soil which is at least 2 inches below the top surface is dry. Even if the top surface looks dry, it does not necessarily mean that the soil inside is dry. So use this method to check the water content of the soil and then water accordingly. Generally watering during the alternate days work well. But this will vary based on the soil, the sunglight, and even your plants as well. So do use this method to check the soil before watering just to be on the safe side.
  • Make sure your pot has loose soil with the right composition of manure and cocopeat and not just clayey lumpy soil. Soil which is clumpy and not well draining will most definitely kill your plants. 
  • Be sure to keep your plants in a container which has good drainage holes. This again has to do with the fact that standing water will kill your plants. 
  • If the leaves are becoming too dry, you can mist the leaves with water occasionally. 


  • The plants grow slowly during this time, so it is not necessary to fertilize it during the winters. You can fertilize them before the winter season starts. 


  • Do not repot your plants until spring unless it is absolutely needed. 



  • After your plants bloom and the flowers dry up, you can prune your plants. This will encourage new growth and blooms for the spring time. 
  • Make sure you keep your plants in a spot which ensures it gets as much sun as possible.
  • The most important thing is to have patience and wait for your plants to produce flowers. 

FAQ on Winter Plants that Flower

Q: How do plants respond to spring?

Generally plants are dormant in winter. As the temperature changes, the plants become active and start producing new shoots and leaves during spring.

Q: Does a Jade Plant Bloom?

Technically every plant blooms. Some plants take many years to bloom or bloom very rarely. For blooming to occur every plant needs the perfect environmental conditions which vary from plant to plant.

The tiny, white blooms of the jade flower are fragrant.  

Q: Why do plants loose their leaves at winter time?

During low temperatures, plants shed their leaves to conserve energy. 

Q: Can I bring my lavender plant inside for the winter?

Lavender plants prefer cooler temperatures though you can bring them indoors if necessary in winter. 

Q: Can plants grow without sunlight? 

No plant can grow in absolutely dark conditions or zero sunlight. Atleast a minimum amount of sunlight is required. 

Q: Name a few winter plants that have white flowers

White Vinca, White hibiscus, Bridal bouquet, Alyssum, Aster, are some of the plants with white flowers which can flower in winter.

Q: Which winter plants have yellow flowers?

Yellow rose, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Nasturtium are some of the plants with yellow flowers which can flower in winter.

Q: What are annual plants?

An annual plant is a plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season and then dies.

Q: Is it good to grow a flowering plant in cold temperatures?

Not all flowering plants will produce flowers in cold temperatures. Generally the plants are dormant in the winter season.

Q: Do winter plants give fragrant flowers? Examples?

Yes. Flowers like Bridal bouguet, Night jasmine which can flower in winter are very fragrant.

Q: Name a few perennial plants that flower all season in Bangalore

Vinca, Jatropha, Hibiscus are some plants that flower throughout the year in Bangalore.

Q: Name a few Pink Flowers winter plants

Vinca, Rose, Pink Hibiscus, Geranium are some of the plants with pink flowers which can flower in winter.

Q: Any winter plants with stunning flowers

Camellias, Daffodils, Passion flower are some stunning flowers that can bloom during winter.

Q: Do winter plants give flowers in shades?

Flowering plants require a certain minimum amount of sunlight to produce flowers. If they are kept in the shade where they do not receive this minimum amount then they will not produce flowers.

Q: Do winter plants that grow in coldest climates thrive in Bangalore?

Bangalore has a very versatile climate. Many people are successful in growing plants which require different conditions with proper care and attention.

Q: Any guidelines on environmental conditions for winter plants?

Keep the flowering plants in a place where they will receive maximum amount of sunlight.

Q: What if there are dry conditions in winter?

If the weather is too dry, you can mist the leaves. This will ensure that the leaves do not dry out.

Q: Can I grow compact plants in window boxes?

Yes. Short bushy plants like Vinca, Chrysanthemum, Balsam, Geranium make good window box plants.

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