Urban Farms

Urban Farms

The population of the world is over 7 billion! Imagine how farms across the world must function to feed this huge population. We produce so much food at the brunt of losing so much forest area, using up a great deal of fossil fuels and millions of litres of water even though there are a growing set of solutions from organic agriculture to integrated pest management. However, this is our reality and we will continue to cater to this unless a drastic change is brought about.

More and more people are now involved in urban farming. An urban farmer is a city dweller that uses his/her space in a home garden to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. There are an astounding number of benefits from having your own vegetable patch. You can make your food as local as possible decreasing the “food miles” associated with long distance transportation. Your produce is fresh, and the joy of harvesting is priceless! Eat in season and also save a lot of money. Tending to your garden can relieve a lot of stress and plants can be great companions if you are having a bad day. Your kids can get involved, old people and also and that rare friend who thinks they have a black thumb.

You can set up your urban farm in your yard, patio or even the roof top. In fact, roof tops are the best spaces to grow vegetables. Almost all vegetables, herbs and some fruits can be grown in containers. What you need is a nice spot with lots of sunlight, well-drained nutrient rich soil and regular watering. Rooftop and patio gardens create peaceful places for relaxation or contemplation. It also cools the building as the plants absorb a lot of the harsh sunlight that hits the building.

Another benefit of urban farming is that it can add greenery to cities, reducing harmful runoff, increasing shading, and countering the unpleasant heat island effect. Garden plots can help people reconnect with the Earth, and gain a greater appreciation for where our food comes from which is not our plastic packages. However, the biggest benefit of them all is the production of fresh, pesticide free vegetables. Massive production of food for urban centres requires the use of large quantities of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals are very toxic to human health and studies show that pesticides can cause health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time.

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