Types of Canna

Types of Canna

Canna or canna lily is a flowering plant in the family Cannaceae. The plants are large tropical and subtropical herbaceous perennials. The flowers are asymmetric and have three sepals and three petals that are small. The flowers are usually red, orange, or yellow.

Different Species of Canna

1. Canna amabilis

Native Region: Northern Argentina.

It is a perennial and is hardy. It flowers from August to October, and the seeds ripen in October. The flowers are deep crimson red to pale yellow.

Canna amabilis

2. Canna bangii

Native Region: Peru and Bolivia.

They are in bloom from August to October. The flowers are orange-red.

3. Canna coccinea

Native Region: Northern Argentina

They grow up to 2 m tall and bear raspberry red flowers held high over the deeper green leaves.

Canna coccinea

4. Canna compacta

Native Region: Southern Brazil and Northern Argentine

It is a perennial growing to 2m. The blooms are bright golden yellow with bright orange-red specks.

5. Canna discolor

Native Region: Northern Argentina

It is a perennial growing to 3m. It is hardy and the flowers are yellow with many red spots.

6. Canna flaccida

Native Region: Wetlands of southeastern USA

Canna flaccid is a perennial growing to 1.5 m. It is an aquatic species, with blue-green leaves. The flowers are large, lightly perfumed, and canary yellow.

7. Canna glauca

Native Region: Wetlands of tropical America

It is commonly known as water canna. It is a perennial herb growing 3–6 feet tall. It has blue-green leaves with large, delicate, and pale yellow blooms.

Canna glauca

8. Canna indica ( Indian shot)

Native region: South-eastern United States

Canna indica, commonly known as Indian shot, African arrowroot, Edible canna, Purple arrowroot, and Sierra Leone arrowroot. Canna indica is a perennial flowering plant that comes in a variety of colors such as Burgundy and bronze-green.

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9. Canna iridiflora

Native Region: Peru, Columbia, and Costa Rica

Canna iridiflora is a species of herb growing up to 5 m tall. The unique feature of this species is hanging blooms on pink pendant-like stalks.

Canna iridiflora

10. Canna jaegeriana

Native Region: South America and the Caribbean

It is a herb with curved, orange, small flowers.

11. Canna liliiflora (Scented Canna)

Native Region: Peru and Bolivia

It grows up to a height of 3 m with stout stems. The flowers are white with a yellowish-green tint and honeysuckle scent.

Canna liliiflora

12. Canna paniculata

Native Region: Southern Mexico, Costa Rica, and tropical South America

It is a perennial growing to 5 m (16 ft) tall. The branched inflorescence bears scarlet red to yellow flowers.

13. Canna patens

Native Region: Northern Argentina

The plant is small-sized with spreading habit and thick rhizomes. The flowers are yellow with a wide red margin.

Canna patens

14. Canna pedunculata

Native Region: Southeast Brazil

It is a perennial growing to 2.5 m tall. The flowers are erect and small with yellow color.

15. Canna tuerckheimii

Native Region: Mexico.

The plant grows to 5 m tall. Canna tuerckheimii is a relatively large species with vast stems carrying large green leaves and orange-red flowers.

Canna tuerckheimii

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