Types of Brinjal

Types of Brinjal

Brinjal is commonly used as a vegetable in cooking, but it is a berry by botanical definition. There are quite a few types of Brinjal out there.

Best Types of Eggplants

1. Indian Brinjal

This type of brinjal is used in Indian recipes. It tastes good when fried and stewed. You can even mash it up into a spicy dish or use it for stuffed dishes.

Indian Brinjal

2. Thai Brinjal

This small Brinjal variety is very common in Thailand. It comes in various colors including purple, white, and even green. It is bitter, so remove the bitter taste by removing the seed.

  Thai Brinjal

3. Graffiti Brinjal

Graffiti Eggplant looks good and tastes delicious when cooked. You can enjoy it baked, roasted, and even stewed.

4. Little Green Brinjal

This brinjal is round and has a slightly creamy texture and mild flavor after cooking.

5.Fairy Tale Brinjal

It has purplish white skin color with a soft and sweet taste. It cooks quickly because of its small size and is delicious when grilled.

6. Globe Brinjal

It is also known as the American eggplant and is known for its big size. Its flesh is firm and meaty texture than regular brinjal, making it perfect for grills.

7. Italian Brinjal

These brinjals have purple shiny skin. They are sweet.

8. Japanese Brinjal

Japanese eggplants come in a wide variety of colors ranging from dark purples to black. They're best suited for stir-fried dishes, pan-frying, and grills.

9. Ping Tung Brinjal

These brinjals are long in size and have sweet flesh. They taste best when grilled.


10. Rosa Bianca Brinjal

It is slightly bulbous in shape and tastes delicately with less bitterness when cooked. You can use it for stuffing and baking dishes.

11. Santana Brinjal

These brinjals are best for grilling and roasting. They are 6 to 8 inches wide.

12. Tango Brinjal

This eggplant has the shape of an egg with white flesh. It tastes best when grilled because of its creamy flesh.


13. White Brinjal

It tastes bitter and is mainly used to make dips such as in Middle eastern dishes.

14. Thai White Brinjal

They can be eaten raw. Their crispy texture makes them perfect for preparing snacks.

15. Filipino Brinjal

These brinjals are long and thin. They have a mild sweet taste when grilled.

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