Top 14 Flowering Vines to Add to Your Garden

Top 14 Flowering Vines to Add to Your Garden

When it comes to beautifying your garden, flowering vines are a great way to add texture and color. From sun-loving clematis to fragrant jasmine, there is an abundance of options for climbers that can instantly transform any outdoor space. To help you pick the perfect flowering vine for your garden, here are some of the top varieties that you should consider planting:

1. Bengal Clockvine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia grandiflora

It’s also known as Blue Trumpet Vine, Blue Sky Vine. The flowers are velvety cobalt blue flowers that look best on a gazebo or a pergola.

Bengal Clockvine

2. Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea sp

Morning glory is one of the most popular garden plants for attracting birds, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

3. Butterfly Pea

Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

Native to Southeast Asia, the blue flower of the Blue Butterfly Pea (also known as the Blue Lotus) belongs to the leguminous plant family Fabaceae. It has a creamy white-colored centre. Butterfly pea flower is a common ingredient in many herbal teas.

4. Garlic Creeper

Botanical Name: Mansoa alliacea

Garlic plants stand out with their purple-blue flowers that really look spectacular when they're in bloom. They need lots of bright light or good bloom.

5. Plumbago

Botanical Name:Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago is a tough, hardy herbaceous plant which can grow into a climber. It blooms into cluster of tubular, blue flowers.

6. Bridal bouquet

Botanical name: Clematis gouriana

A large climbing shrub, reaching up to the canopies of trees. Small flowers appear in branching panicles. The flowers look graceful against the shiny leaves of the vine.

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7. Common jasmine

Botanical name: Jasminum officinale

It is also known as summer jasmine, poet's jasmine, white jasmine, and true jasmine. Common jasmine is a semi evergreen vine. With its vigorous spreading habit it can reach up to a height of 40 feet.

8. Rangoon Creeper

Botanical Name: Combretum indicum

Rangoon creeper bears reddish flowers. The flowers are fragrant and tubular and their color varies from white to pink to red. The flowers change in color with age.

Rangoon Creeper

9. Cypress Vine

Botanical Name: Ipomoea quamoclit

The Cypress vine is an impressive flowering vine with small, delicate, papery star-shaped blooms, in bright red. It also functions fabulously as a foliage plant with graceful, and feathery fern-like leaves.

10. Climbing Roses

Botanical Name: Rosa

Climbing Roses have a mild scent and look great with a dark green backdrop of glossy leaves. They beautify any garden so elegantly.

11. Nasturtium

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Tropaeolum, commonly known as nasturtium is a trailing plant with red or orange flowers. Nasturtium produces showy, often intensely bright flowers and rounded leaves. The plant has been used in herbal medicine.

12. Bleeding-heart vine

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae

It is an evergreen liana growing up to 4m. The small, flat flowers have balloon-like white calyxes from which emerge brilliant crimson or dark red corollas with prominent stamens and style that extend way beyond the petals which gives them the name "Bleeding-heart vine".

13. Scarlet Clock Vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia coccinea

It is a gorgeous evergreen vine. The beautiful red flowers appear in clusters and hang down from the vine. The brightness of the flower color depends on the temperature. The drooping habit of flower clusters makes a statement wherever they grow.

14. Mysore trumpet vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia mysorensis

It is a woody stemmed flowering vine. The vine grows up to a height of 6 meters. The striking large pendant hanging blossoms have individual flowers in a unique curved shape. This is enhanced by their distinct yellow, with maroon to brownish red outer tip coloring. The rich color and hanging habit of flower clusters make it a great addition to any garden.

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