Balcony Garden Bangalore

Balcony Garden Bangalore

If you're a nature lover living in one of India's tech hubs, Bangalore, you are likely feeling the strain of living and working in an urban jungle. Did you know that you can bring a little bit of natural life to your apartment with a balcony garden?

Growing vegetables or flowers on your own balcony can be both therapeutic and rewarding. It turns negative space into something productive and calming.

In this article, I will tell you the benefits of having a balcony garden in Bangalore and provide simple yet effective instructions on how to create your own.

Tips To Set Up A Beautiful Balcony Garden

1. Set Your Budget

Before you start gardening, set a budget for yourself. Figure out what kind of plant, fertilizer, and soil you need to buy.

2. Plan in Advance

Planting the balcony garden according to the available space and sunlight will help you save time and effort. Make a list of suitable crops to grow, space availability, etc., before setting up a balcony garden.

3. Start with low-maintenance plants.

If you are busy or new to gardening, start with low-maintenance plants.

4. Recycle and Reuse

Keep an eye out for things that could be used to grow plants. You might even want to salvage some old containers, jute sacks, plastic milk containers, glass jars, and coconut shells from the trash and use them to plant vegetables and flowers.

5. Check the sunlight availability.

Make sure your balcony gets plenty of sunshine. Plant your plants, so they get enough sunlight.

6. Fertilize well.

Make sure to check the nutritional requirements of the plants regularly. Look out for any signs of stress and give them the necessary nutrients. Use well-balanced liquid fertilizers to fertilize the plants.

7. Use every inch of space available.

Pay particular care to the available spaces and choose plant species accordingly. You can use vertical space by using vines, climbers, hanging plants, or ladder planters.

8. Grow Some Flowers

If you want to add some fun and color to your balcony, grow some beautiful flowers. Choose the plants depending on the light, space, and time available.

9. Grow edibles

Along with beautiful house plants and flowering plants, grow edible fruits and vegetables to make your balcony garden productive. You can fruits like lemons and guava and vegetables like tomato and brinjal indoor balcony garden.

10. Choose portable containers

Use contents that can be moved easily. For big pots, you can use garden carts to move them.

Balcony Garden Ideas

  1. Privacy balcony garden
  2. Balcony Flower Garden
  3. Balcony Garden with trellis for vines
  4. Hang a swing
  5. Urban vegetable garden

Fruits To Grow In Balcony

  1. Lemon
  2. Guava
  3. Strawberry
  4. Pineapple
  5. Passion Fruit
  6. Watermelon

Flowering plants for the balcony

1. Petunia

2. Geranium

3. Marigold

4. Rock Trumpet

5. Hydrangea

6. Hibiscus

Buy Hibiscus plant (white)

Buy Hibiscus plant (red)

Buy Hibiscus plant (pink)

 7. Impatiens

8. Lavender

Buy Lavender plant

9. Rose

Buy Paneer rose plant

10. Gardenia

11. Begonias

Buy Chrysanthemum plant

12. Dianthus

13. Morning Glory

14. Zinnia

15. Bougainvillea

Buy Bougainvillea plant

16. Shankhpushpi

Buy Shankapushpi plant

17. Crape Jasmine

Buy Crape jasmine plant

18. Periwinkle

Buy Periwinkle plant

19. Kalanchoe

Buy Kalanchoe plant


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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.