Thunbergias That make a Statement

Thunbergias That make a Statement

Thunbergia plants are known for their unique flowers with bursting colors. They are a great choice to fill the vertical space of your garden.

Check out our list for the Thunbergias that bring a colorful splash of color to your garden all year long!

1. Bengal Clockvine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia grandiflora

Common names: Bengal clockvine, Bengal trumpet, Blue skyflower, Blue thunbergia, Blue trumpet vine, Clockvine, Skyflower and Skyvine.

It is an evergreen vine with blue to mauve flowers. They attract birds, butterflies especially bumble bees. They have deep root system. With their rope like stem, these plant can reach a height of 15m when supported by a host tree. Bengal trumpet vine spread vigorously. 

Thunbergia grandiflora<

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2. Scarlet Clock Vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia coccinea

It is a gorgeous evergreen vine. The beautiful red flowers appear in clusters and hang down from the vine. The brightness of the flower color depend on the temperature. The drooping habit of flower clusters make a statement wherever they grow. 

Scarlet Clock Vine

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3. Mysore trumpet vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia mysorensis

Common names: Mysore trumpet vine, Lady's slipper vine.

It is a woody stemmed flowering vine. The vine grows up to a height of 6 meters. The striking large pendant hanging blossoms have individual flowers in a unique curved shaped. This is enhanced by their distinct yellow, with maroon to brownish red outer tip coloring. The rich color and hanging habit of flower clusters make it a great addition to any garden.

4. Sweet Clock Vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia fragrans

Common name: The Whitelady, Angel Wings

It is native to India where it is known as Indrapushpa. The slender vines of the plant bear pure white blooms, which look magical. The plant also has medicinal uses. They look great on trellis and fences. 

Sweet Clock Vine

5. The Laurel Clockvine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia laurifolia

It is a perennial herbaceous climber. It bears lavender-blue blooms. This species is very similar in appearance to Thunbergia grandiflora, but has longer, thinner leaves, and its young stems and leaves are hairless. The unscented, trumpet-shaped flowers are borne on drooping clusters.

The Laurel Clockvine

6. King's Mantle

Botanical Name: Thunbergia erecta

Common name: Bush Clock vine.

It is a commonly cultivated plant. Unlike other Thunbergias, this plant is an erect shrub. King's mantle is a hardy plant. The elongated bell-shaped flowers amidst lush green leaves add a lot of beauty to your garden. They are great plants to plant in hedges and borders. 

 King's Mantle

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.