Thunbergia coccinea

Thunbergia coccinea

Botanical Name: Thunbergia coccinea

Common Name: Scarlet Clock Vine

Thunbergia is a group of flowering plants in the family Acanthaceae. It is native to tropical regions of Africa, Madagascar, and Southern Asia. Thunbergia species are vigorous annual or perennial vines and shrubs growing to 2–8 m tall.

It is a gorgeous evergreen vine. The beautiful red flowers appear in clusters and hang down from the vine. The brightness of the flower color depends on the temperature. The drooping habit of flower clusters makes a statement wherever they grow.

This vine is rare in cultivation. It has narrow, dark green leaves and is about 20cm. The bright red flowers of unusual shapes hanging from the vine in clusters look gorgeous.

Thunbergia coccinea

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How to growThunbergia coccinea?


Thunbergia coccinea can be propagated by seed or cuttings.

Use cuttings that are about 4 inches (10 cm.) long. Take the cuttings in spring or early summer. Plant the cuttings in soil mixed with compost. Keep the cuttings warm.


Thunbergia coccinea plants need direct sunlight for good growth. However, they can grow well in a partially shady location, also. They can grow best when planted in a place with plenty of morning light.


It needs soil that drains well and is rich in organic matter.


Thunbergia coccinea prefers regular watering. They like high humidity levels. However, be cautious not to overwater.

Pest and diseases

The most common pest of Thunbergia coccinea is the spider mite. If you find any pest infestation, Neem oil is an effective solution.

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