The Best Climbing Plants to Cover Your Fence and Wall

The Best Climbing Plants to Cover Your Fence and Wall

If you're dreaming of a garden that boasts a stunning variety of colors, delightful flowering climbers, and a year-round evergreen screen, look no further. We've curated a collection of perfect shrubs and candidates for privacy screens that will transform your garden boundaries into a breathtaking oasis. Say goodbye to that unsightly fence and embrace the beauty of fast-growing plants and climbing roses that will adorn your garden with their gorgeous flowers. Join us as we explore the world of fencing plants and evergreen climbers that will thrive on a regular basis, creating an enchanting and vibrant landscape that captures the essence of nature's beauty. Let's unlock the potential of these beautiful plants together and discover the key to an attractive and lush garden.

Curtain Creeper

The Curtain Creeper stands tall as the best plant to cover a fence and wall with its remarkable attributes. As an evergreen shrub, it retains its lush green leaves throughout the year, creating a captivating display regardless of the season. Reaching heights of up to 30 feet, this fast-growing climbing plant can quickly transform an ugly fence into a beautiful, living tapestry. Its popularity as one of the most preferred screening plants comes from its ability to provide dense coverage, offering excellent privacy while adding a touch of natural allure to any space. As the fastest-growing plant in its category, the Curtain Creeper will swiftly weave its way along your fence or wall, turning a once dreary barrier into a vibrant, green masterpiece.

Passionfruit Vine

The Passionfruit Vine has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking effective screening plants that offer both privacy and beauty. With its dense foliage and glossy leaves, this vine effortlessly transforms any fence with plants into a lush and green boundary. Beyond its visual appeal, the Passionfruit Vine is a practical choice, as it provides ample coverage while yielding delicious fruits. Its twining tendrils create a natural screen that shields your space from prying eyes while offering a bounty of mouthwatering fruits, adding an element of delight to your outdoor sanctuary. Embrace the allure of this popular plant, and let the Passionfruit Vine weave its way into your heart and garden alike.

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Bougainvillea, a remarkable evergreen plant, graces gardens with its stunning display of colorful flowers and vibrant foliage. Reaching heights of up to 30 feet tall, this woody vine serves as an ideal choice for privacy plants, effectively covering garden walls and fences with its mature growth. With its beautiful flowers that bloom in a variety of colors, Bougainvillea transforms any outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis. Although often mistaken for an evergreen tree due to its prolific growth, this exquisite plant is classified as a deciduous shrub, shedding some of its leaves during the cooler months while maintaining its attractive presence year-round. Embrace the enchanting charm of Bougainvillea as it adds a touch of beauty and privacy to your garden, enhancing the appeal of any garden wall or fence it adorns.

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Trumpet Vine

The Trumpet Vine is a captivating evergreen vine that thrives in well-drained soil and can tolerate a range of sun exposures, from light shade to full sun. As an excellent choice for any garden, its dark green foliage and trumpet-shaped flowers make it a favorite plant among enthusiasts. The Trumpet Vine is a hardy plant, known for its resilience and ability to withstand various conditions. Its ornamental qualities and rapid growth make it an excellent choice for decorative screens, adding a touch of beauty and privacy to any outdoor space. Embrace the allure of this delightful vine as it gracefully weaves its way along trellises, fences, and walls, transforming your garden into an enchanting and ornamental paradise.

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Rangoon Creeper

The Rangoon Creeper is a mesmerizing evergreen shrub adorned with beautiful white flowers that release a captivating fragrance. This fast-growing plant is an excellent choice for privacy screens, rapidly covering garden fences with its lush foliage and elegant blooms. With a wide range of climate adaptability, the Rangoon Creeper has become a favorite among gardeners, thriving in various conditions. Its ornamental appeal and ability to provide both beauty and privacy make it an excellent plant to incorporate into any outdoor space. Embrace the enchanting charm of the Rangoon Creeper as it transforms your garden into a fragrant and ornamental haven, creating an ambiance that delights the senses.

Rangoon Creeper

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Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos stands as one of the favorite plants for both experienced gardeners and novices alike. This excellent and hardy plant thrives in various conditions, making it an ideal choice for any garden or indoor space. Its lush, evergreen foliage and glossy leaves add an ornamental touch, making it an attractive addition to any setting. The Golden Pothos, also known as Devil's Ivy, works wonders as a green vine, gracefully adorning trellises or covering garden fences with ease. With heart-shaped leaves that bring a touch of elegance, it creates an exotic privacy screen, making your outdoor space a private sanctuary. Embrace the beauty and versatility of the Golden Pothos, as its evergreen presence and easy maintenance will win your heart and brighten any corner of your home or garden.


Jasmine is an excellent and highly favored ornamental plant renowned for its exquisite green foliage and delightful fragrance. This flowering shrub graces gardens with its stunning white blooms that burst into life during the enchanting season of spring. Its elegant presence and intoxicating scent make it a popular choice for creating a captivating garden landscape. Jasmine's white blooms, coupled with its glossy green foliage, offer a beautiful contrast that adds visual allure to any outdoor space. The mere presence of this fragrant beauty transforms a garden into a tranquil oasis, enveloping the surroundings with its sweet perfume and leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it. Jasmine's timeless charm and its ability to infuse the air with its fragrance make it an exceptional plant to cherish and admire, enhancing the beauty of any garden it graces.

Morning Glory

The morning glory is an excellent choice for covering a fence or wall. This fast-growing annual offers bright, colorful blooms in a variety of shades, from pink and blue to red and white. The flowers typically measure 3 to 4 inches across and open during the day only. In addition to being a visually pleasing plant, morning glory is also easy to care for and highly tolerant of drought conditions .

Its vigorous growth habit and abundant blooms make it an excellent choice for quickly covering a fence or wall. Plant morning glory in full sun in well-drained soil, and provide consistent moisture to encourage flowering.

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An excellent and hardy climber, honeysuckle is an ideal choice for covering a fence or wall. This vigorous plant produces clusters of fragrant yellow or pink flowers from May to August. The characteristic aroma of its blooms is often compared to honey, hence the name "honeysuckle". It is also known for its ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden.

Honeysuckle is a fast-growing climber that can reach up to 30 feet in length. It's best suited for growing in full sun, in well-drained soil. With proper care and pruning, honeysuckle can make a stunning addition to any landscape.

Climbing Rose

Climbing roses, also known as ramblers, are an attractive and fragrant way to cover a fence or wall. These beautiful flowers come in many colors including white, pink, red, yellow and orange. They have long stems that can grow up to 20 feet in length and produce large clusters of delicate blooms. The foliage is lush and green with glossy leaves that provide year-round interest.

Climbing roses require full sun and well-drained soil in order to thrive. In addition, they should be pruned regularly to ensure optimal growth and flowering. With proper care, climbing roses can make a stunning addition to any garden.

In conclusion, the world of gardening offers a diverse selection of attractive plants that can transform any fence and wall into a stunning display of natural beauty. From flowering climbers with a variety of colors to evergreen screens and tall plants forming impressive clusters of blooms, there are endless possibilities to create an eye-catching garden boundary. Let nature's wonders work their magic, turning every inch of your fence and wall into a breathtaking vista that reflects your personal style and love for nature's gifts. Embrace these extraordinary plants and elevate your outdoor sanctuary with their charm and elegance, creating a living canvas that captivates the senses and brings a sense of serenity to your space for years to come. 

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