Terrace Garden ideas

Terrace Garden ideas

Do you have a rooftop garden, or are you planning one?

We've got some excellent rooftop gardening ideas and essential tips to help inspire you when designing your own rooftop gardens.

Terrace Garden

Terrace garden design ideas and tips.

1. Keep Terrace garden Open

Do not overcrowd the terrace. It makes the space look small. Instead, use transparent materials for the wall to give an illusion of extended space.

2. Create Privacy

If you want to create some privacy, consider growing climbers. Clematis, English ivy and even Climbing roses are good choices. You can use screens or curtains. A green screen of bamboo can be great.

3. Add tall plants and trees

You can grow tall plants and trees to utilize the space effectively. You can also grow fruit plants like citrus on the rooftop garden.

4. Create Raised Beds

Raised bed gardens are a great way to grow plants on the terrace. You can use wood or concrete for raised beds. You can plant tall plants in them too. Make sure to add a thick barrier so that water and plant roots don't damage the roof.

5. Maintain Diversity of Plants

Make sure you keep the variety in the plant sizes. Plant shrubs, ground covers, and small trees. Also, use different-sized containers.

6. Add Furniture

Choose what kind of furnishings you wish to add to your rooftop garden. Furnishings that fit the style and theme of the rooftop terrace would be better suited.

7. Add a Focal Point

Any object can serve as a focal point if it attracts attention. For example, a pool, a waterfall, a large tree, or even a sculpture could be used for this purpose.

8. Introduce Lights

Lighting up your rooftop garden can make it look stunning. You can use trailing lights, lanterns, or string lights to jazz up your garden.

9. Use the vertical space effectively.

Use vertical spaces to add more appeal to the roof garden. Use hanging planters and railing planters to utilize vertical space.

10. Add Sitting Area

If you want to host small get-togethers, consider having a sitting area. A terrace barbeque or a mini kitchen installed on your terraces will be fun.

Terrace Garden

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