Quotes about Planting Trees

Quotes about Planting Trees

  1. When I plant a tree, I expect it to grow. And if it doesn't, I plant another.
  2. We plant trees to shade ourselves.
  3. When God plants a tree he does not look for a crop, He looks for Himself.
  4. When you plant a tree, you give shade to two people, yourself and the person who comes after you.
  5. One tree planted in the earth brings prosperity.
  6. Trees planted along the roadside have long memories, while those planted in parks are soon forgotten.
  7. Plant a tree every time you feel negative emotions or hurt someone.
  8. Trees are the first sign of spring.Quotes about Planting Trees
  9. Trees are the lungs of the earth, they give oxygen to all living beings.
  10. Trees are good for more than just shade. They provide food, oxygen, shelter, and beauty.
  11. Trees are like friends, they grow strong with time.
  12. The woods are full of wild animals; the trees are full of birds; the sky is full of stars; but why should the human heart be empty and dark?
  13. Nature provides for itself. We need only imitate her ways.
  14. Nature is the mother of all.
  15. Nature has its ways; We cannot always understand them.
  16. Plant trees, watch them grow, shade them protect them, water them feed them...and enjoy their fruits.
  17. Trees help to purify the air we breathe while adding beauty to our surroundings.
  18. A tree planted by diligence grows into a full-grown forest.
  19. Planting trees is important, but watering them even more.
  20. A green leaf falls to the ground and becomes food for the insects.
  21. When God created the trees he made them all different colors. That way no two trees would look alike.
  22. The greenest trees are often closest to the sun.
  23. A green tree does not grow high unless it receives proper nourishment and water.
  24. Leaves fall, but trees endure.
  25. Leaves fall down, but trees grow upward.
  26. Leaves symbolize opportunities that might pass you by.
  27. Leaves fall down, but they stay till the wind blows them away.
  28. The leaf is the first to fall from the tree.
  29. Like a tree, grow up to serve others selflessly.
  30. A tree shows us that life has no meaning unless there is something greater than life.
  31. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. - A Rain Tree.
  32. True nature is the source of all goodness.
  33. True Nature is the essence of reality.
  34. An ancient tree knows how to live without care.
  35. An ancient tree does not produce fruit for itself but produces food for all the animals that eat it.
  36. Quotes about Planting Trees
  37. An ancient tree with a new trunk is better than a young tree with no roots
  38. An ancient tree does not grow faster than a young tree, but it bears more fruit.
  39. An ancient tree has been around long enough to provide shade and shelter for generations.
  40. The more ancient the tree, the stronger the roots.
  41. An ancient tree knows all the secrets of the forest.
  42. A majestic tree is always surrounded by other trees.
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  44. The majestic tree has no need for shelter, nor does it require food. But it still produces fruit.
  45. A magnificent tree can grow anywhere provided it has good soil and water.
  46. A grand tree bears magnificent fruit.
  47. A tree grows in a forest and dies alone.
  48. Trees, whether young or old, stand firm against wind and weather. They grow tall and strong and endure for centuries.
  49. Trees are good neighbors, they provide shade and fruit, but they won't cry when you fall down.
  50. Trees take years to grow into majestic oaks but cut them down young and they will never blossom again. Trees are great companions for anyone traveling by foot.
  51. Trees show their age by their character.
  52. Character comes from the roots. Trees that grow strong produce good fruit.
  53. Trees represent long life, prosperity, patience, respect, gentleness, loyalty, and steadfastness.
  54. Trees are the oldest things on earth, yet they remain green and fresh forever.
  55. Character comes from the outside leaves and flowers - but integrity comes from the roots, stem, and the trunk within.
  56.  Planting Trees
  57. When one tree falls, other trees nearby fall too.
  58. The strongest tree is the one standing alone.
  59. The more crowded the forest, the less noise you can hear.
  60. The solitary tree sees all and hears nothing.
  61. The solitary tree stands alone while the forest grows around him.
  62. The woods are full of wild animals; the desert is full of scorpions.
  63. A forest without trees is a wasteland, and a wilderness without birds is a cemetery.
  64. Wilderness is a safe haven for a lost soul.
  65. The fruit that grows unseen is always the sweetest to taste.
  66. An orchard without fruit is nothing more than an empty tree.
  67. An orchard is invisible unless it has fruit.
  68. In an orchard tree branches reach out far beyond the boundaries of the visible world.
  69. Values come from within our roots. We grow them by living by them.
  70. The roots of a tree determine how it grows.Quotes about Planting Trees
  71. The root is hidden in every tree and known by all the birds.
  72. The deepest roots work for the tallest branches.
  73. When a tree is strong at the center, it is able to stand even under the hardest pressure.
  74. The roots of a tree grow deep into the soil.
  75. The deepest roots grow the strongest branches.
  76. A tree has no roots unless it grows deep into the ground.
  77. A tree without roots will wither away - A man without integrity cannot last long.
  78. A friend in need is like a flower garden, but a flower garden without friends is like a desert.
  79. The company of trees brings serenity and comfort during the day.
  80. When you plant a tree, you also help protect it against storms.
  81. A tree is known by the fruit it bears.
  82. You cannot live on sunshine alone. You need the shade tree too.
  83. Trees give shade, birds sing, flowers bloom - but without a gardener, nothing grows.
  84. A tree without shade has no fruit, a poor person without money has no food.
  85. Trees are always green when viewed from above.
  86. The more a tree gives, the more it receives. The same is true of human life. The more you give, the more you receive.
  87. Law of Life in the plant kingdom as in human life: “What you put out comes back to you.” In other words, whatever you give out comes back to you 5x.
  88. The Happiest country is the one with the greenest trees.
  89. Humble folk trees that bend weather the storm better than the stubborn urban trees.
  90. Your garden is a mirror reflection of your self-esteem.
  91. Every day you need to plant a new seed.
  92. When you plant an almond tree, you expect fruit, not flowers.
  93. The fruit is sweetest when picked by hand.
  94. The tree is nothing without the fruit, and the fruit has no value without the tree.
  95. An apple tree does not grow by itself, it needs to be watered to produce fruit.
  96. The beauty of nature is often found in the simplest of plants.
  97. Cherry blossom trees bloom and wither at different times, but the trees remain forever.
  98. He who sits under the shade of a hospitable tree has plenty of food to eat and plenty to drink.
  99. An oak tree can be cut by a single blow, but it takes several thousand cuts to kill a tree.
  100. Peaceful trees grow around the water without disturbing the water.
  101. Everyone who moves owes a great deal to the Rubber trees.
  102. A single tree is a sign of life.
  103. A tree without roots is like a boat without a rudder.
  104. Life on earth lived in harmony with nature is full of joy and contentment.
  105. An old tree reminds us all that the beauty of life comes from being true to oneself.
  106. The Planting Trees fall during autumn, but the green tree stands firm throughout winter.
  107. In an entire forest, every day holds miracles of life.
  108. The value of the entire forest is hidden in every single tree in it.
  109. When the Spring comes, all the flowers bloom.
  110. A songbird does not know how to build a nest, but it knows how to sing.
  111. Leaves change color according to their environment.

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