Plants For Vertical Garden

Plants For Vertical Garden

A good choice of plant species is essential when designing and building a vertical garden. We present here a range of the most suitable plants that are suitable for a vertical garden.

Plants For Vertical Garden

1. Ferns

They are often used as a groundcover because they spread rapidly and provide good coverage. They also tolerate dry conditions very well and do not require much water. They are commonly found growing in woodlands, parks, and gardens. 


2. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are usually easy to care for and require little room to thrive. They're often used in vertical gardening projects because their bright colors and long-lasting blooms add color to any indoor environment.


3.  Begonias

These flowering perennials can be grown in a vertical garden if the wall gets some sunlight.


4. Hostas

This beautiful perennial plant with variegated leaves is used commonly as a ground cover. These are suitable for the vertical garden if it is in a shady  place.   


5. Lipstick Plant

The lipstick plant is a lovely tropical vine with shiny foliage and beautiful red flowers. They have shallow roots, therefore do not require deep soil, and can be easily grown in a vertical garden.

6. Succulents

The string of Pearls, Echeveria, Crassula, and Sedum are some of the succulent plants that can be used to create vertical gardens. Succulents are commonly used for vertical gardens owing to their hardy nature.


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7. Air Plants (Epiphyte)

The epiphytes that grow on other plants do not require soil  to thrive.  They're easy to grow and ideal for vertical garden walls. Aechmea, viesea, and tillandsia are some good choices.

Air Plants

8. Vines

Pothos, ivy plants, and wandering jew are some of the easy-to-grow plants that are a good choice for a vertical garden.


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Dr. Vandana K.