Plants for hanging planters

Plants for hanging planters

Hanging planters are great for adding color and texture to your garden or patio. They also provide privacy from neighbors and passersby and don't require a lot of care. Hanging planters are great options for plant parent beginners to gardening who are still developing their green thumb.

A hanging planter is simply a container that hangs on the wall, usually with a wire hook attached to it so you can hang it anywhere in your home. You can use them as decorative accents, but they're especially useful when you want to grow indoor plants. You can have an indoor garden of hanging plants.

There are many different types of hanging planters available today. Some are made out of metal, while others are plastic. Some have holes in the bottom for drainage, while others don't. You can also get normal potted plants of plastic, terracotta, or ceramic containers and place them in a macrame plant hanger. You can have a good collection of plants this way.

You'll probably find that there's more than one type of hanging planter that will work best for you. The most important thing to consider is whether you'd like to plant inside the planter or not. If you want to grow plants inside, look for a planter that has drainage holes at the bottom. This way, water won't accumulate inside the planter and cause mold problems.

If you don't want to grow plants inside the planter, then you should look for a planter with a drainage hole in the bottom. This allows air to circulate through the roots, keeping them healthy.

If you decide to go with a hanging planter, make sure that it's large enough to hold all of the plants you want to grow. Also, make sure that it fits well into the spot where you intend to put it. For example, if you want to place a planter near an entryway, make sure that it doesn't block the door completely.

The first step in buying a hanging planter is finding one that works for you and choosing a location. Depending on the amount of light you can get the plants. Flowering plants are great for a place with direct sunlight and bright light. Indoor plants will do well in shade regions. 

The next step is deciding what kind of planter you want. Metal planters tend to be heavier and costlier than their plastic counterparts. However, they last longer and are easier to clean. Plastic planters are lighter and less expensive.

The last step is getting suitable plants for your hanging planters. There is a wide variety of plants available to choose from. 

Here is a list of 20 plants you can get for your hanging planters :

Table rose 

The moss rose plant is a beautiful flowering plant that grows well in any climate. It has succulent glossy leaves and bright flowers that bloom from spring until fall. They come in different colors white, pink, and yellow. Moss roses are easy to grow and require little maintenance. 

Table rose

Wandering Jew 

It is a popular hanging plant because of the beautifully patterned leaves. It grows bushy in no time at all. 

Wandering Jew 

Money plant 

A money plant makes a great option for a hanging planter because of the green foliage of attractive heart-shaped leaves which requires the most minimal care and is a hardy plant.

Money plant

Turtle vine 

Callisia repens with common names like turtle vine and creeping inch plant is a succulent creeping plant with green leaves that grows well as a hanging plant. It does well in bright indirect sunlight. 


The orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They grow in tropical climates around the globe, from Australia to South Africa. Orchids have become very popular flowers in recent times and are also grown because of their fragrant flower. They require indirect light. Direct light will harm the plant. It is an ideal choice for hanging planters. There are different color varieties. 



Geraniums are easy to grow and require less maintenance. They are generally grown for the flowers that are produced in a bunch and are available as colorful flowers of red, pink, and white and are incredible plants for a hanging container. The variety of colors makes it an attractive hanging plant.


Tincture plant

The purple-colored leaves are not only pretty but are commonly called the tincture plant, it has many medicinal properties. It is one of the easy-care plants. 


The small yellow Wedelia flowers attract a lot of butterflies. It also has many medicinal uses.


Spider plant

A spider plant is a popular indoor plant that looks like a spider. The leaves look like webbing and the flowers resemble spiders' legs. They grow well indoors and require little care and can grow even in poor soil.

Spider plant

Air plants

Air plants are small indoor plants that require little care and grow quickly. They are easy to maintain and look great in any room. The best part about air plants is they don't need much light, which makes them perfect for places where natural lighting is limited and they don't need any soil. They are perfect for glass planters.

Staghorn ferns

A staghorn fern is a large plant that has two leaves at the base of each frond, which grow together to form a cone shape. The leaves are usually green, brown, or a white range of colors. They are often used for indoor plants, such as in hanging baskets, and require proper care and moist soil.

Staghorn ferns

String of bananas

The succulent plant with banana-shaped leaves is a beautiful vining plant that can be grown in a hanging plant. The trailing stems are fast-growing. 

String of Pearls

It is also called the bead plant. The delicate string of pearls is elegant vines that are easily recognizable because of their pearl-like leaves. They are great indoor hanging plants and require very little care once established. They require well-draining soil. 

Black-eyed Susan vine

The black-eyed Susan vine is a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia. The bright colors of flowers bloom from June through August.

Black-eyed Susan vine

Boston Ferns

The Boston fern is one of the oldest plants in North America. They grow throughout New England and parts of Canada. The plant has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. This is a classic hanging plant because of its small, curved leaves and glossy leaves. It grows as a lush plant. They like the soil moist for good growth. 

Sweet potato vines

Sweet potatoes grow best when they are planted in rich soil that has been amended with compost. They also need plenty of water during the growing season. The ornamental vines are grown for the large purplish-blue flowers and are a beautiful variety. 

String of hearts

The pinkish purple stems bear tiny gorgeous heart-shaped leaves. This delicate beautiful plant is a beautiful trailing succulent plant. It is the perfect plant for a hanging planter. It is also called the Rosary vine and is a delicate vine.

Burro's tail

This succulent plant has grayish-green fleshy leaves that appear to be woven together. The leaves are delicately placed. Occasionally it produces a bunch of light pink flowers. 


Belonging to the daisy family, it has pretty tiny white flowers. These are very easy to grow and don't require any maintenance at all. The dainty flower attracts butterflies as well.



Small herbs like Basil, Mint, Oregano, Marjoram, and Thyme are an excellent choice to grow in hanging pots in your kitchen garden. 

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