Peacock flower Care

Peacock flower Care

Botanical Name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Common names: Poinciana, Peacock flower, Red bird of paradise, Mexican bird of paradise, Dwarf poinciana, and Pride of Barbados.

The Peacock flower is a striking ornamental plant, which is a shrub and grows to a height of 3 meters. It is widely grown in gardens for its red, orange, and yellow flowers. The plant attracts many birds and butterflies, especially hummingbirds. 

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Peacock flower plant Care

Light and Temperature

Because the plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions, it doesn't tolerate cooler temps. The plant prefers warm temperatures. It likes full sun and well-drain­ed soil. 


The Peacock flower plant grows well in sandy soil with good drainage capacity. the soil should be rich in organic matter. 

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Water the plants regularly during the warm months. Check them frequently to see if the soil is dry. A well-grown plant is effectively drought tolerant.


The plant can grow without frequent application of fertilizers. Fertile soil with good organic content can do the job. If the soil is too poor, you can add liquid fertilizers. 

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The right time to prune these plants is late winter or early spring. The plant can be cut down to the ground to control its height. The Peacock flower plant recovers well as it is tolerant to pruning. Else you can prune lightly by removing dead and dried branches. Make sure to use good quality strong secateurs for pruning. 

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Pest and diseases

There are so such pests and diseases that would infest the Peacock flower plant. Sometimes, there might be thrips and aphids attack, but that is not a huge problem as the plant recovers by itself. 

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

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