Organic seeds

Organic seeds

Organic seeds are seeds that are grown organically. They are grown on farms without using any chemicals. The seeds-producing plants are not given chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are not used on the farm. These farms must be cultivated in the organic method according to the standards of Certified Organic farming.

Organic seeds

Why use organic seeds?

You grow what you sow. And there are a few important reasons to use organic seeds.

1. Organic seeds are not produced by a chemical-consuming plant. Instead, they are grown in an organic system.

2. The organic seeds are from the healthiest and the most vigorous plants.

3. Choosing to grow organic seeds has a positive impact on the world.

How do we know whether the seeds are organic?

Read the seed packet thoroughly. It contains the certification of organic seed.

Do organic seeds do well if grown inorganically?

Organic seeds can be used for inorganic farming. But inorganic seeds cannot be used for organic farming.

Are organic seeds genetically modified?

No. Organic seeds are produced without any genetic modifications by humans. They are produced naturally.

How long do organic seeds last?

Different plants' seeds have different longevity. For example, onion seeds last only for a year or two. But watermelon seeds last have a viability of 4 years. So make sure you read the seed pack. Always store the seeds in cool and dry conditions.

Organic seeds

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