Money plant is a climber or creeper

Money plant is a climber or creeper

What are climbers?

Climber plants are plants that grow up trees and other tall objects. They are used for climbing purposes, such as hanging baskets, trellises, fences, and walls. The climbing plant is also used to cover buildings and structures, such as green roofs. The best climbers are those that can climb through dense foliage, such as ivy, clematis, pea vine, Trumpet vine, Chameli plant, Jacobina plant, Mandevilla vine, Glory plant, taro vine, Grape vines, Betel leaf, honeysuckle, morning glory plants, Passion flowers, Mandevilla plant, silver vine, and wisteria are some fast-growing vining plants.

Some climbers like woody climbers and woody vines are hardy perennials, while others are annuals. Annuals die after flowering which is their life cycle, whereas perennials live for years. Perennial climbers often have many different flower colors throughout the year. Climber plant can be grown for their ovate leaves, obtuse leaves, twinning leaves, or because it is a house plant, an evergreen plant, or a lush plant. For different kinds of flowers like white flowers, blue glory flowers, yellow flowers, showy flowers, blue flowers, tubular flowers, waxy flowers, colorful flowers. Most flowering plants require bright light to produce flowers, while some can flower even in partial shade. Bright light in summer ensures colorful plants everywhere you see.

What are creepers?

Creeper plants are plants that creep along the ground, usually growing up trees or shrubs. They are also known as epiphytes. The name comes from the Greek word for creeping, krepton. 

Creeper plants are plants that creep along the ground. They usually grow from seedlings that sprout out of cracks in rocks, and they often grow into large shrubs. Common creepers include mint plants, cucumber, watermelon. Most of the gourd plant family are creepers. 

Creeper plants are small plants that grow along the ground. They usually have long thin leaves and weak stems that grow quickly. They have slender stems. It is usually a herbaceous plant like the gourd plants.

The most common creeper plant is ivy. It has many different varieties, but all look similar. Ivy grows fast and spreads easily by sending out runners. This makes it hard to control.

Is Money plant a Climber or a Creeper?

Money plant can be grown as a climber or a creeper. If you provide support for the plant, it will grow like a climber. But if you let it grow on the ground, without any support, it will grow like a creeper.

If you want your money plant to grow like a climber, then you need to provide some kind of support for it. You can use bamboo sticks, twigs, or even small branches. These supports should not touch the leaves of the plant. Instead, they should be placed at least 2 inches above the leaves. This way, the plant will get enough sunlight but won't be damaged by strong winds.

If you don't want your money plant to become a climber plant, then just leave it alone. The stem of money plant will grow naturally like a creeper.

Money plants can be grown as evergreen vine in a potted plant with support. It is grown as a decorative plant as it is a robust plant.

How to grow your money plant?

The money plant is regarded as a lucky plant. It is also considered as a Feng Shui plant. It is a common patio plant. They are also grown as ornamental plants because of the green leaves. The plant height can reach up to 6ft easily with the right support when grown as indoor plants.

It is a tropical plant. Money plants are native to the tropics, where they grow on the tropical forest floor. They are also found in other parts of the world, such as South America, South Africa, Australia, and South Asia. The leaves of these plants contain saponins, which help to deter insects from eating them.

Epipremnum Aureum can grow in both full sun and partial shade. Indirect sunlight or indirect light is preferred. In the summer months, this species will prefer moist soil with good drainage. During the winter months, it prefers slightly drier conditions. This plant requires regular watering during dry periods.

Money plants are easy to grow indoor plant, and they require little maintenance. Money plants are best grown in large pots and should be watered regularly. They can be grown as a house plant with the support of a moss stick. The aerial roots cling onto the moss stick for support. It rarely flowers indoors.

Soil/ Water

Moist, well-drained soil is preferred. You can grow them in neutral soil. You can also grow your money plant is just water. Make sure to change the water every 3-4 days once and that you are using clean water. Changing your money plant from a soil medium into a water medium or vice versa is not a good idea as the plant will experience a shock from which it might not recover. Overwatering causes root rot.

The money plant growing in water has softer leaves compared to the ones growing in soil. The color of the juvenile leaves and adult-sized leaves are an indication of the plant's health.

Money plant


Bright indirect light is ideal for your money plant however they can grow even in partial sunlight or partial shade areas. Too much direct sunlight can cause scorching of the leaves, so keep an eye out on how your plant is reacting to the direct light in case you are forced to grow them in this condition. It is a tropical plant and likes temperature and humidity similar to that of a forest floor.

Money plant


Plant propagation can be done with the help of aerial roots from the stem of money plant. Take a container, preferably a transparent glass jar so that you can check the root growth. Fill it with clean and fresh water. Take a healthy stem cutting of the money plant. Your cutting should ideally have 2-3 nodes. 


Make sure you remove the dead leaves and branches regularly to avoid pest attacks. To get a fuller plant, prune the leaves and stems growing in an outward direction. This encourages your plant to grow fuller and produces more branches. Always cut the stem below the nodal region. These cuttings can be used for propagation and you can get new plants in no time at all.

Money plant

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