How to protect your plants from a cyclone?

How to protect your plants from a cyclone?


A cyclone can have a very damaging effect on your garden. Here are few tips to take care of your garden and plants during this cyclone period.

1. Cover the plants up Covering the plants can prevent heavy drops of rain from causing damage to your plants

2. Pruning If your plants have been pruned, they will withstand the heavy effects of the winds during this time

3. Bring the plants indoors Certain plants that are sensitive to the wind and the rain can better survive for short periods of time indoors.

4. Take care of your tall plants Give your tall plants some support so that they don't break off or damage due to the rains and the winds.

5. Wrap your big plants Bigger plants can be wrapped using jute cloth and tied up with some strings.

Hope you are able to take care your plants during this cyclone season.

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Dr. Vandana